Red Eye Crew Deface 10 Ferrari Web Sites

Following on from the defacement of Toyota Motors earlier this month it would seem that a group of Brazilian defacers – Red Eye Crew – have now gone after one of the most well known marques in the car industry – Ferrari.


It seems as though the hackers found some vulnerability on the Ferrari server which allowed them to deface the following –

  • the manufacture’s official forum (
  • Ferrari site for mobile users (
  • official website of Scuderia Ferrari which is the racing team division of the Ferrari automobile marque (
  • official site of Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro single-seater (
  • Ferrari’s Special car site (
  • official News Letters domain (
  • Test site (
  • Official Ferrari Formula 2012 Single Seater website (
  • Special Origin site (
  • official site of Scuderia Ferrari Single Seater for Formula 2012 (


– with the images shown above, clearly showing that they at least have some taste in terms of driver choice!

Whilst the majority of the sites are now back to normal the defacements can still be seen at –

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