Quick iCloud Setup Tips

After all the hype are you ready to start setting up iCloud?

If you answered yes, read on…

Storage and backups on iCloud

There are many things you can do with iCloud but the most interesting aspect, to me at least, is the storage and data backup side of things.

It is worth noting at this time that you cannot just store or backup anything you want with the iCloud. Some applications will sync now whilst others won’t, at least not yet anyways. As time marches on that will likely change but, for now, you will need to check that any files or docs that you save automatically have indeed been added to iCloud because there is a chance that they may not.


The iCloud features something called “Photo Stream” and this will automatically import any new pictures it discovers that have been taken on an iOS device as well as any pictures that have been added to iPhoto. It will then store them on the cloud for a period of 30 days.

Once on the cloud you can view these photos and possibly download them to other iOS devices as well as PCs (images saved to C:\Users\Apple\Pictures\Photo Stream\My Photo Stream by default). So even though you cannot run iPhoto on a PC, you should still be able to view them.

Whilst photos that have been downloaded will stay on your hard drive, those on the cloud will be limited to the last 1000 that were synced so if you go over that limit be sure to have backups of the earlier ones elsewhere.

At this time you should familiarise yourself with the initial iCloud setup if you haven’t done so already.

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