Putin Orders Setting Up Of Anti-Hacker Defence

Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday personally instructed the FSB (Federal Security Service) to set up a unified system for both detecting and countering computer hacking attacks against Russia’s Information Technology resources.


“In the near future, we need to set up a unified system for detecting, preventing and defending against computer attacks on Russia’s information [technology] resources,”
Vladimir Putin, FSB meeting

Putin has asked for the task to be completed as quickly as possible following a Presidential order to the same effect that he issued last month.

Such a move is likely a response to the discovery of advanced malware, known as Red October, that was detected by Kaspersky Lab, themselves a Russian computer security company –

“Researchers from internet security company Kaspersky have uncovered an on-going espionage network that has been operating in at least 39 different countries including some of the territories that may otherwise have been considered as potential perpetrators – the US, Russia and Iran. The espionage campaign has been focused on governmental, scientific and diplomatic organisations.”
Kaspersky Lab And The Hunt For Red October

According to Kaspersky the majority of infected systems were in Russia.

During the FSB meeting Putin said that the main targets for anti-Russia spies were new technologies, political and economic information and military and defence plans –

“We need the most modern methods for organizing counter-espionage activity, including the protection of secret information. This likewise concerns the increasingly frequent attempts to break into national electronic databases.”
Vladimir Putin

There was also mention of the need for special countermeasures to act against radicals who may use the internet for their own purposes, though the President highlighted the need for such measures to be entirely legal –

“When neutralizing any kind of extremist structures, we should act as resolutely as possible, and block attempts by radicals to use information technologies, internet resources and social networks for their propaganda,”
Vladimir Putin

photo: AZRainman

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