Psychics – 10 Ways To Sort The Good From The Scam

I’ll preface this post by saying that I don’t hold much faith in the psychic world at all.

A good many people do, however, so…


Here are 10 ways to differentiate a good psychic from one trying to scam you –


1. Will guide you through your options, allowing you to choose what, if anything, to change.

2. Will remind you that you are in control and so won’t tell you what to do.

3. Will offer hope through the choices you could make.

4. Will bring new perspective to your life, through those choices open to you.

5. Will never predict your death.


1. Will predict doom & gloom and offer to change that.. for a fee.

2. Will make you believe your destiny cannot be altered.

3. Will scam you into thinking you need a repeat reading every week.. at a cost.

4. Will read from a script, telling you what they told the last person and will tell the next.

5. Will tell you that you are jinxed and need repeat hearings to overcome it.

If you believe in psychics then you probably already have an open mind.

Use it!

Don’t get scammed.

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  1. Well, 123 is a pretty good brain age for someone who helped build the pyramids.

  2. I went to see a palm reader in NYC once with a friend just for fun. She told me that someone with the letter J in their name was going to be very important in my life. That really narrowed it down 😉 Shortly after that I started dating a guy named Jack!! Coincidence or a psychic prediction come true? hahahaha

    That being said, I do think that our thoughts have energy and that the closer someone is to you emotionally the better able you are to pick up on that energy. For example, you think of someone and the phone rings and it is that person or someone pops into your head that you haven’t seen in a long time and you run into him that same day. I wouldn’t exactly call that psychic ability but there is so much about the mind that we don’t understand.

    • Personally, I have absolutely zero belief in psychics.

      I think I lot of them just use clever techniques and the laws of probability in order to make educated guesses. Either that or they are just sufficiently vague that what they say could be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

      I agree that the mind is an untapped resource though. I seem to remember reading somewhere that we only use around 3% of our brains.. I wonder just what else humans are capable of?

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