Protecting Yourself Online In Times Of Tragedy

No matter where you live at in the world there is a good chance that there is going to be some kind of event that affects you and the people around you. While the bigger countries might get more notice when it happens to them, all countries have some kind of event that shakes the community to the core. You know right when it happens that nothing will ever be the same again and that you are going to have to get ready for some changes that are soon to come. Some of the changes will be good and some of the changes will be bad, that is just par for the course when an event happens that no one can really pinpoint the reasons of why it happened.


Just recently there was a tragic school shooting that happened in the state of Connecticut in the United States. We will not go into the details of what happened but it was tragic and right now we are seeing the same rules apply that has happened in other tragedies. People are searching out for the reasons of why it happened and they are trying to make fixes so something like this will never happen again. But no matter what kind of rules you make, it is hard to stop someone else from causing a tragedy like this when they really put their mind to it. We saw this when 9/11 happened. After 9// all of the sudden we had a lot of new laws, a lot of which curtailed the freedoms that people once enjoyed. And we are sure to see that again.

But there is also another effect that you have to worry about when a tragedy like this happens anywhere in the world. While the changes in the laws around you might be a little dramatic and will affect you in some way, there is something that is more immediate that you have to worry about as well. This is something that affects you every time you go log in to go online. And that is the fact that black hat hackers love to use events like this to further their agenda. And most of the time that agenda is making money.

When you have a tragedy like this happen, most of the news you get will be online and on the TV. And for most people, they will find out more about the events that transpired online. This is because they will check their phones, laptops, and tablets while they are on the go. When you get your news off of the TV, you pretty much have to be stationary. When you have a mobile device you can pretty much get the news no matter where you are. And the black hat hackers out there know this and they will use this information to their advantage.

They will set up fake websites and fake links all over the web during times of tragedy like this. While it seems like during a time like this that most people will have their guard up when they are surfing to get more news about the event but that is not the case. During times like this people will tend to click on links more readily than they would normally. They cannot fathom someone using an event like this to hurt people but that is what exactly happens.

This is why, even during times of tragedy, you always have to be alert when you are on the web. There is no stopping the bad guys when they see an opportunity to try and dupe people online. It has happened in the past with other tragedies and it will happen again with this one.

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