Protecting Your Kids With Computer Parental Control

protect your kids with parental controls

Every day, millions and millions of children surf the web.

Every time they surf the web, they are at risk of seeing extremely graphic and disturbing images – images even too much for many adults to see.

These images often include hardcore pornography.

protect your kids with parental controls

protect your kids with parental controls

Even though many parents feel that they have taught their children how to use the internet properly and carefully, this is often not enough.

Once the children hit a certain age (usually their teenage years), they are at great risk of coming into contact with pornography, or even chatting with online predators.

Many teenagers may even put photos of themselves online, making it much easier for predators to find them.

The other problem with chatting is that teenagers can easily give out personal information in a matter of seconds, making them extremely vulnerable to online predators.


Being aware of what your children are doing online is extremely important in order to eliminate some, or all of the above risks.

You can take a few steps that will help, which include putting your computer in the living room, or even peaking over their shoulder once in a while.

Make sure they notice you are peaking over their shoulder – this will make the chance of them visiting certain restricted sites a lot less.

Even though it may not seem right morally, an act like this can save you and your children a lot of pain and trouble in the future.


Even after taking the above precautions, it is close to impossible to monitor every move your children are making online.

It is quite a scary thought for many parents, but there is one method that has been proven effective for many years – porn blockers.

Porn blockers do exactly as the name states – block porn.

How do they do that?

They filter through the web every day, building list of adult websites to block.

Obviously, it is very difficult to block every single adult website, but programs like ContentPurity and other similar software blocks a good majority of the adult based websites.

These programs also blocks websites with certain keywords, and you can even customize these keywords yourself most of the time.

These days, almost every household consists at least computer, while many have up to two, three, or even four.

With such access to computers and the internet, children are at very high risk for seeing content that is simply not meant for their age group.

Thus, as a parent, it is important to take the right step and purchase or find a good free porn blocker program such to ensure that your children will not be at risk of watching videos, which are not meant for their age.

Even though you may feel some sort of guilt monitoring your children’s online activities, it is something you must do as a parent.

Their mind has not fully developed yet in that time of their life and much of the content on the web is just not meant for them to see.

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