Protect Your Privacy When It Comes To Online Polls

In the United States right now we are in the middle of a presidential election. Right now both political parties are going to war over who is going to be the next president of the United States. During elections the one thing that you will hear about all of the time is polls being taken. One of the main political stories that are focused on during the elections news cycle is who is winning the polls at any one time. But it is not just elections where we start to see polls used all of the time. We see the use of polls when it comes to normal everyday life as well. And this is especially true when you are talking about being online. There are polls all over the place when you are surfing online.


The main place where you will see online polls is some of the many websites that you visit throughout the day. Most of the polls that you see are just put out there for fun. No one is going to take the results of many of the online polls serious. For example if you go to a website like TMZ you might see them ask who your favorite celebrity in a certain movie is. Or they might ask which actress do you think is hotter at any one time. These are polls that are not meant to be taken seriously. They just give the users of the site a more interactive element that they can use and also feel like their voice is being heard at the same time.

But there are some sites where the polls on there are a little bit more serious. They want to know more about you and why you visit a certain site. They want to be able to understand your demographic and how you think. A good example is that there is a certain, very popular, daily news website that will not allow you to see the story until you fill out an online poll. Once you complete the poll only then will they allow you to be able to see the story. And the polls are not asking you fluffy questions either. They are asking questions that tell at least a little about you. But the polls are not asking personal questions either. But there are some polls that do.

When you go on a website like Facebook you will see that there are a lot of polls on there that will either ask you a lot of personal questions or they will ask permission to access the information from your profile. This is when polling can get dangerous and ask for too much information about yourself. Your profile on Facebook can have a lot of sensitive information in it and you really want to be careful when it comes to giving that type of information out. Too many people out there think that a Facebook app is an app by the Facebook company when many times it is not. This is a third party company that you are giving all of this information to and you do not have any idea what they are going to do with it. That is the time when you need to be real concerned.

When it comes to online polls, there is less an issue of security and more of an issue of privacy. But unless you are very careful with who you give your information to the issue can become one of security very quickly.


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