Protect Your Cell Phone Number Because Mobile Spam Is On The Rise

Most people fail to realize how much money is actually made in the world of spam.

There are so many people that are now connected to the Internet in one way or another, that if you are only able to sell to a small percentage of these people, that can make you very rich.

This is why the incentive to create new and innovative ways to spam people is so high.

Companies that provide email services have tried many ways to be able to fight the onslaught of spam but they have only put a dent into the problem.

Those That Buy Via Spam Are The Root Cause Of The Problem

There are still a lot of people in the world that are becoming new customers to online services and, as long as they are naive about the dangers of spam, the people that create spam will always have a thriving business.

Now the spammers have found a new frontier to attack.

They are sending spam to people through their mobile phones.

With the influx of smart phones, spammers have seen a new opportunity to take advantage of.

Even normal cell phones have the ability to be able to connect to the Internet now.

Once your phone has the ability to connect to some sort of third party network outside of the cell phone company’s control then you have the potential to become a victim of spam.

The ways in which they will attempt to spam you are numerous.

SMS Spam

First they will try to use sms messages.

You will walk down the street and all of the sudden you hear a buzz sound.

This is the sound of you getting a text message.

Instead of a text message, you receive a text from some company trying to sell you something.

This can be infuriating since there are a lot of people that do not have unlimited texting plans.

They will have to pay for that useless text that they just received.

Mobile Email Spam

Also spammers will use your cell phone’s email address to try to sell you something.

This is the same technique as email spam attacks on a computer except now it has been released to the cell phone.

This again can be very annoying.

As a society we have gotten used to spam in our inbox on the computer.

We were hoping that we could avoid it on our cell phones.

There is software out there that will help prevent you from seeing spam in your cell phone messages but it is only marginally effective at best.

The most effective wau that you can avoid getting spam on your mobile device is to not give out your number to people that you don’t know.

Especially do not put your cell phone number in any place that is claiming to give you a prize or some other contest.

This is the main way that a spam company gets their email addresses or text numbers to spam.

Hopefully there is a solution that will be found to fight the large amount of spam that is starting to build up on our cell phones.

If not, we can then look forward to our sms box being similar to our web based email.

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