Protect Your App For Both Your Sake And The Sake of Your Customers

These days if you are a developer then there is a good chance that you have at the very least looked at developing for the latest mobile phones out there right now. And why not, the mobile phone space is the hottest place to be right now if you are a developer. While there are still more computers out there then there are smartphones and tablets, that will not always be the case. Pretty soon mobile computing will be taking over and there are a lot of developers trying to get in the loop early on. You have to remember that if you are able to get in early then you will be able to have a lot more experience than the people who come in later. And when you are talking about a moving target as fast as the mobile phone space is, the more experience that you have the better.


And just like with any other part of becoming a developer, there are certain things that you have to learn about the space that you are trying to become an expert in that might not be in the normal path of doing things. If you are an experienced developer on any platform then you already know that there are always some hiccups to the platform that is not supposed to be there. There is always something that is not going to make sense and leave you scratching your head while you try to work on it. When you run across a situation like that all you can do is try to work on it and do your best. And if you cannot figure out what is wrong then you can find someone that will try to help you.

When it comes to the mobile space a big part of what leaves you scratching your head has to do with security. Securing the apps on your mobile phones is not easy and as the developer it is something that you cannot take lightly. If you have customers that are using your mobile phone and they end with some type of malware because of your app then you can believe that you will be the one that is blamed and not the attacker who did it. People only want to blame the face of the company or the developer himself and not the attacker who actually committed the crime.

There have been many instances of the bad guys taking over a developer’s app and then releasing it to the public as if the original developer did it. They either create an alternative account or they release it to some 3rd party app stores that you might have overlooked. Either way your app is being distributed along with malware and it is your good name being dragged down into the mud. But there are ways that you can fight something like this from happening. And that is what we are going to go over.

First of all, you should make sure that all of the apps that you release have been digitally signed by you. In some app stores they have to be signed and in others they do not. Also make sure that you are checking the app store all of the time for different keywords that might lead to your app. Do not just type in your apps name but other keywords that are related as well. You never know what can pop up and it might be your app being used by the bad guys. And make sure you just do not do it on the main app store. Make sure that you do it on several third party app stores as well. And if you find anything, make sure that you report it.

As a developer you have to take care of your app after it is released. If not then your good name can be affected.

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