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Of course you know that around this time is when most people around the world celebrate the holiday season. And that means that it is also the time of year where everyone goes shopping a lot. If you take a drive to your local mall you will see the parking lots filled up with people buying new items. There are husbands buying jewellery for their wives and parents buying toys for their kids. For most people, this is a wonderful time of year. They really enjoyed this time of year when they were kids and they are hoping to do the same with their kids as well.


But while you will still see the parking lots filled with people at this time of year, there might be a little less people in the mall now than in the past. While a lot of people will blame the economy and how it has been stagnant for the past couple of years that is not the only reason. As a matter of fact that is not the biggest reason at all. This time around, the biggest reason why you are seeing less people in the stores and the malls around the nation is the fact that a lot more people are doing their shopping online.

Yes that’s right, more people are shopping online than ever before. In the past people would be afraid to shop online. Even though you had features like being able to shop over the phone or on your television for years now, for some odd reason a lot of people were still afraid to shop online. They did not want to give their credit card number over the web. A big part of the reason was the horror stories that they would hear about. They were already unsure about the technology and then to hear about people getting robbed over the internet was too much for these people to handle. A lot of people passed up the opportunity to be able to shop online for more conventional ways of purchasing items.

But now, people are becoming more confident when it comes to buying items on the web. While they still realise that there is a risk when they are buying online, they finally understand that the risk is not too much different than the risk that they take when they use their credit card at the store. In both online and offline you run into the chance of having your number stolen and being used by some unscrupulous person. So if that is the case, why not just take the chance online and enjoy some of the sales that online shopping seems to get you.

But there is an offline component to online shopping that you have to worry about. No one seems to worry about this part until it is too late. And that part that you have to worry about is when the item is shipped to your house. The criminals out there know that there are going to be a lot of packages floating around this Christmas. And a big part of that reason is because more people are ordering items online. So they are going behind the delivery trucks that are running around the neighborhood and they are stealing the packages being left on the doorstep. What was once something that happened every now and then is starting to become a more regular occurrence.

So as you can see, while it may seem like it these days, not everything that you have to worry about is online. There are still plenty of offline threats that you have to worry about as well. So when you are expecting a package make sure you keep a sharp eye out for it. There are plenty of bad guys out there who are looking for it as well.

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