Promise Of Free Tickets Leads To Delta_RQ763.exe Trojan

Scam email entices the recipient in with the promise of a free ticket from Delta Airlines but delivers something altogether different –



Subject: Confirmation of airline ticket purchase at

Thanks for the purchase! Booking number: LVSN50

You will find attached to this letter PASSENGER ITINERARY RECEIPT of your electronic ticket. It verifies that you paid the ticket in full and confirms your right for air travel and luggage transportation by the indicated flight Delta Air Lines. On board you will be offered beverages; food; daily press. You are guaranteed top-quality services and attention on the part of our benevolent personnel. We recommend you to print PASSENGER ITINERARY RECEIPT and take it alone to the airport. It will help you to pass control and registration procedures faster.
See you on board!

Best regards,

Delta Air Lines

This email actually arrives with an attachment but you most definitely do not want to open it.

The attachment in question is, in fact, an executable file -Delta_RQ763.exe – which is a trojan that will probably hand access to your p.c. over to it’s controller.

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