Poll : Is MLM A Money-Maker Or A Scam?

A lot of visitors to this site are searching for information about specific multi level marketing opportunities to help them determine whether they are legitimate or not.

Are you one of those people?

If so, then this poll is for you

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After voting, I would love to hear why you feel the way you do so please let me know via the comments…

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  1. Nope. My web surfing can occasionally drift during lunch/breaks, etc.

  2. Well said.

  3. My comment wasn’t a reference to those who post as much as a thought about the person who maintains that board. I certainly can’t say what his intentions were when he first began to operate his site to provide a “fair and balanced” examination of Mary Kay Cosmetics. I do believe, however, that whatever his initial intentions were, today his board reveals him to be nothing more than a shill for the MK “opportunity.” Who can begin to truly size up the depth of an individual merely from blog exchanges? With this limitation in mind I note it is my impression “Dave” is a fine individual for many reasons. Perhaps my perception of his character in such a positive fashion is why I find it so sad he has allowed what could have been a venue to help women, become simply another “I hate Tracy and Pink Truth” site.

    • Well, I know David from the early days of this site, via email, Skype, etc and I am of the opinion that he is a top guy.

      His site is, undoubtedly, pro-MK rather than balanced in my opinion but isn’t that down to the content of the comments rather than his own posts?

      As for being anti-PT and anti-Tracey Coenen, yes, I agree that seems to be the case a lot of the time and is the main reason why I don’t read his site as often as I used to – I think having a discussion about products and businesses is all well and good but personalities should be left out of the equation.

  4. People don’t realize there are good MLMs and bad MLMs. A good one is, of course, Mary Kay Cosmetics. All ya gotta do in MK is sell the product and get a 50% mark-up profit! How could anyone go wrong with this? Ya buy the product, sell it and make money!

    What’s more, this wonderful company (May Kay Cosmetics) is all about enriching women’s lives. Every woman needs to try their hand at being a Mary Kay Cosmetics Independent Sales Consultant. Some describe it as “recruiting” but it’s actually just “sharing a wonderful gift” with fellow women and their families. Hey, be your own boss and make money! You get to work only a few hours per week and earn an executive income! It’s possible you could enable your husband to retire early! These products are recession proof! Women wash this stuff off their faces every day and then need more! It’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY! Act now!

    And here’s the best part, God wants you to be everything you can be! Just concentrate on your deserve level and jump right in! Got a credit card? Your husband got a credit card? Know where you could steal a credit card?

    Don’t linger and possibly miss this God sent opportunity to make your dreams come true! You’ve got dreams don’t you?

    Need more information, objective information? Just go to: http://www.balancedmarykay.blogspot.com. Don’t feel like typing all that out? That’s OK, just go to: Shills_are_us.com. Same site.

    Finally, if your allergic to dripping sarcasm and are beginning to scratch right now, don’t read this post again; you’ll break out in a bad rash.


    • David’s site is a shill???


      I know the guys over there are extremely pro-MK but, equally, I could point you in the direction of a few that are extremely anti- too 😉

  5. I voted scheme for all the reasons you can probably guess from my other posts. If the product is great there are far better ways to bring it the market. If a product requires a dubious sales pitch in order to get people to fork over their money then MLM is for you.

    • I saw you voted the other day Jay (the admin panel puts names to votes if they have commented here before) but obviously I’m not going to reveal who voted for what.

      I believe some of the mlm products I know of are ok but, like you, am no fan of the manner in which they are pitched.

  6. Your sarcasm is killing me. What do I know about being a webmaster!

    I don’t think foreign products are superior, that’s a general notion. I am happy with buying Indian.

  7. I voted for pyramid scheme. Here, in India, for most people anything from abroad is of superior quality. But I find most products do not suit our lifestyle and budget. I have come across a few people who are in MLMs and all of them unfortunately were overhyping a product they do not know much about.


    • Is that just a random site you have found or have you become a webmaster yourself?

      Why do you think foreign products are superior quality? Is it problems with the production process or the materials or something else?

  8. Awww come on guys – 38 votes but only 5 of you have commented… let us know why you voted the way you did!!!

  9. I said pyramid scam because that’s what you think!

  10. In my opinion the majority only work if you’re willing to work people over in the process. If a product is good then traditional sales methods are more effective. Tradtitional methods generate greater profits for the company and pass savings on to the consumer.
    I have neglected to mention how much I enjoy your site Scam. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for you kind comments James – I guess you have been visiting for a while have you?

      I personally agree about traditional sales methods being more effective but I’m sure there’ll be a good bit of opposite thinking on that subject to come from some of the other readers…

  11. Clive Roland says:

    If you know what your doing, and most people dont, then mlm really does offer long term residual incomes.

  12. The more people who think networking is a scam the better cos it leaves more money on the table for those of us who know how to work it.

  13. I voted for pyramid scam.

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