Pirated Software Is Filled With Security Bugs That You Really Need To Worry About

Everyday millions of people are on the internet trying to download something that is pirated. While it is still a very small portion of the actual people that is on the internet, it is still a sizeable number. There are all types of things that people try to pirate on the internet. They try to pirate music, movies, books, pictures, and many other things. But behind movies and music, the most popular thing to pirate on the internet is software. And you have to remember that the pirating of software online has been happening way longer than the trend of trying to download music has been happening.


Even before the internet became popular people would pirate software. They wanted to have a certain piece of software on their computer and they decided that the price was too high to buy it. So they would download the software and then use it. And it is still going on to this day. But now the software prices are higher than they have ever been and the programs are larger than they have ever been. But one thing that people have now that they did not have in the past is a choice. There are a lot more free options when it comes to software that there ever has been before. The open source movement has provided tools for every genre of software that you can think of. Sometimes it is even better than the version that you would normally pay for.

But people still do pirate software these days because there is something in a certain product that they want. But these days you have to be really careful when you try to pirate software. The bad guys know that this is an excellent way to be able to deliver their malware to a computer. And you better believe that they use this method. Huge pieces of software are a great place to be able to hide a small amount of malware that is less than 1mb in size. And even if the people who are downloading the software do use some sort of antivirus to scan the files, if the malware is new enough the scan will not be able to pick up the infection.

That is why now a lot of antivirus companies just pick up any file that might be dangerous in a download and say that it is infected. For example if you have a keygen on your computer, a file that creates illegal keys for your software, it will say that it has a trojan in it. Even if most of the time it doesn’t. That is because the bad guys have used a keygen attack so often in the past that the antivirus companies are just trying to be proactive. And they have little to lose because the only time you really see a keygen program is when you are dealing with pirated software.

So if you want to be completely safe is to just leave pirated software along. There are just many other options that you can use and they will help keep your computer safe. The bad guys have figured out a long time ago that they would be able to spread their infections even faster by using the illegal software route. So you already know that if you are dealing with pirated software that you are headed into the lion’s den. So why put yourself at risk like that?

photo: JD Hancock

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