Phone Hacking In Britain May Only Be The Tip Of The Iceberg

Over the last few years there has been quire a furore over phone hacking here in Britain. We’ve had the recent Leveson and other  inquiries into phone hacking by the media which, according to the BBC, have cost a combined total of £19.5m so far.


But it now appears that it is not only journalists who are employing hackers to collect data.

According to The Independent, a report from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) that has been leaked to them, discloses that a telecoms company, insurance firms, a celebrity, law firms and others have also been hiring hackers.

This has, apparently, been going on for six years but was not mentioned to the Leveson inquiry.

One of the hackers mentioned in the SOCA report disclosed that only around 20% of his customers were in fact related to the media.

Makes you wonder how well the authorities spent that £19.5 million to only investigate a small proportion of the problem doesn’t it?

photo: Sean MacEntee

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