Phishing Cartoon Drives The Message Home

The following cartoon from Consumer Reports WebWatch is cute and a little funny too –

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Fortunately, it also makes some good points about what phishing is and how such crimes are committed.

If it has piqued your curiosity then you can learn a whole lot more by reading my recent post : Phishing – What Is It And How Can You Avoid It?

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  1. I really like the style of this video clip it is so different to the “norm”. Hopefully viewers will get the message from watching it.

    • I love it! As you say it is just so different to the other phishing videos out there which seem, well, kinda stuffy and technical.

      Such a breath of fresh air should, I hope, catch peoples’ attention.


  1. […] on any links that are sent by spam bots.Not only can it lead you to become a victim in regards to a phishing attack but also bots are a nuisance and you are only encouraging the people who use them by […]

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