Pay Me $80,000 Or Die!!

Welcome to the all new hitman scam.


This sick scam would appear to be the new one for 2007.

High profile, high earning professionals, such as lawyers and dentists, have been targetted by this callous hitman email scam since Christmas.

The emails are supposedly from a hitman who has been paid $50,000 to kill them.

This hitman has a conscience¬†(it’ll cost you though) and is willing to spare the victims life in return for a bigger payday, in this case $80,000+

The email goes on to offer a face to face meeting with the contract killer in order to hand over the funds required to spare the victims life.

Though there are no reports of anyone parting with their cash or getting hurt so far, there have been a large number of frantic phone calls and mad car dashes to police stations!

Targets have reported that though they would usually identify such an email as a scam, the fact that it put so much fear into them caused them to lose all sense of reason and actually start to wonder about who they may have upset enough to want them killed.

Trackbacks on the email headers show that the “hitman” is plotting to take your life from somewhere within Russia!

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  1. man, if they cme fro russia like you said would arrange a meeting with those scammers on a cae close by my place, and have a laugh from the cafe opposite from the meeting place when i see some russian people looking for me, knowing that ehy made a trip from russia for someone they are never going to meet.

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