How It May Help You And Your Company To Analyse Some Of The More Famous Password Leaks

About once a month you can count on a major hacker leak happening. It is almost like clockwork these days. The bad guys are able to get into a system that they are not supposed to be in and the release that information for the entire world to see.

And depending on the size or sensitivity of the site the world really does pay attention. Everyone is afraid to have their online secrets exposed so they hope that they are not part of the attack when it happens. And this is for good reason. Many people use the same user name and password no matter where they go online. If the bad guy is able to get that information from one site then you have to be afraid that the rest of your online presence will be attacked.

password leaks

Just recently there was a major breach of one of the biggest porn web sites on the web. The user name, the email addresses, and the password of thousands of people were released online. And with it being a porn site it can be very embarrassing if someone was able to get private information from that leak.

If you are in the business of protecting networks that have a lot of traffic then when a leak like this happens you should really pay attention to it. More than pay attention, you should really study it. And I mean study several different aspects of it. The most obvious part to study is how were the bad guys able to get into the system? Was it an inside attack or was it remote? After you have taken a look at that question then the next thing that you should look at is the actual passwords that were leaked. Find out how real people create passwords and try to use that information to help booster your security. You might be able to see a pattern and use that pattern to tell the people who use your network either what to do or what not to do when creating a password.

When a leak happens online use that as an opportunity to strengthen your own network defenses. It may seem a little off putting using a fellow networks misfortune for your own gain but you should be satisfied that you are helping your own customers in the long run.

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