Parliament Cigarettes Israel Has Website Hacked And Defaced By Over-x

Internet activists have been busy targeting Israeli web assets over the twenty-four hours. Yesterday saw Anonymous continue their #OpIsrael campaign by targeting the Israeli security services Mossad website. Then there was Over-x defacing AVG’s Israeli domain. Charaf Anons has also been particularly prolific in defacing close to 2,000 sites over the last week or so. 


Now Over-x has defaced the site of a well-known cigarette manufacturer.

The latest defacement is against the brand of cigarettes known as Parliament, made by Philip Morris International. Their official Israeli website was given a facelift and currently appears as the image above.  As you can see, the message left is simple –

Algeria For Ever

Over-X and DZ27 says : Fuck isreal ./back

There is also a music video too which is quite bizarre and matches the one left on the AVG site defacement last night — anyone know what that is all about??

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