Over-x Hacks And Defaces Israeli Subdomain Of Nestle

Hacker Over-x looks like he is continuing his defacement campaign against Israeli web sites. In the last 24 hours he has targeted security company AVG and cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris International. Now another defacement has appeared on a subdomain of Nestle.


In this case the message left is exactly the same as the one on the Parliament cigarettes website and includes the same video too which is something that has left me somewhat baffled — its not even a good song is it?

Israeli websites continue to be a target of very large proportions it would see with even Mossad receiving a facelift on theirs. Over-x is not alone in the defacements though as Charaf Anons and Anonymous are also getting involved as part of the #OpIsrael campaign that they are running.

Just how effective these defacements are at moving their agenda forward I do not know. Seeing a defacement such as the one pictured above doesn’t encourage me to learn more about their cause – does it motivate you to take any sort of interest in their mission?

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