Other Security Software

If you are looking for security software then you may have already thought about protecting your device(s) with an antivirus program, internet security suite or some sort of mobile security.

And thats great – well done.

But there are other programs out there which cannot really be put into defined categories and you may well find some of them useful additions or just plain fun.

Here are some of the best:

Data Dealer Data Dealer

Who said security related topics aren’t fun? It was obviously someone who hasn’t played this great game.

Data Dealer is a fantastic browser based game that will go a long way in raising your awareness of privacy issues.

Highly recommended – read all about it!


Bitdefender SafePay Bitdefender SafePay

Part of the feature set of Bitdefender’s paid for security lineup, SafePay (currently in beta) is now available as a free standalone feature.

I’m playing around with it right now – check back in the next couple of days to see what I think of it.