Organising Your Digital Life To Keep You Safe And Secured

When you want to be sure that you are safe when you are at home you tend to set up little patterns. These patterns can be anything. You can have a pattern that you set right before you go to bed for example. This might include walking around the house and making sure that every door is locked. Then while you are doing that you might check on the windows as well. You want to make sure that they are tight and secure also. There are probably millions of people who perform the same ritual every night. It does not matter if they live in a high crime area or a gated community; this little ritual probably makes them a lot safer than if they did not do it.


Since it works for your real life you should think about doing something like this in your digital life as well. While we are on the web we are susceptible to all types of bad guys. You never know what is going to cause harm to you or your computer so it pays to have a little forward thinking. And it is easier to create forward thinking when you have everything organized.

How do you make digital items organized?

When most people think of organization they think of putting their shoes away or making sure the dishes are stacked up right. It does not occur to them that they can make their digital life organized as well. And you can accomplish this in two different ways. You can perform the conventional type of organizing. That means that you will start to clean up the files that are on your computer. You can also perform a type of online organizing. This means that you can come up with several routines that you perform when you visit different websites on the internet. This way you will have a different set of rules on each web site depending on how safe you think it is. While it may be more work surfing the web in this type of manner, in the long run you will see how much better off you are. You will not be stuck at the wheel anymore when the bad guys attack. Black hat hackers are always prepared to try to abuse your system somehow. Make sure that you are ready for them as well.

Organizing your files

One of the hardest things to do on your computer is to keep track of everything that is on there. Our computers have become places where we keep every piece of data that we receive. And we do that because of the amount of space on the average computer right now. Because of the large amount of space there is no need to worry about deleting anything that you really do not need. In your mind you might need it down the road.

But if you do not clean up these spaces, you might find out that one of these old files holds a nasty surprise. The most dangerous file on a computer is a file that has been forgotten about. The reason why it is so dangerous is because one day you are going to run across that file again. And you are not going to have any idea of what it does. And you are not going remember where you downloaded it from (I’m very guilty of this!). So when you finally do click on it you are not going to know if it is dangerous until the results happen to you right there. And that can lead to disaster for your computer. So if you get a chance make sure that you keep good track of your files and anything that you do not need gets deleted.

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