Orange Customers Should Lookout For Pre-Installed Android Security On Their New Smart Phones

Orange customers across some areas of Europe will soon find a security suite pre-installed in their new Android handsets. This is all down to a deal being struck between the mobile carrier and security firm Lookout. Previously, T-Mobile had announced plans to ship certain Android devices with the same security app.


Lookout confirmed the deal in a blog post:

Lookout and Orange have teamed up to protect Orange’s millions of mobile customers with Lookout Mobile Security. Beginning in 2013, Lookout Mobile Security will come standard on Android phones for Orange customers in France, the UK, Spain and Slovakia.
Lookout blog

There is also good news for French James Bond wannabes in as much as they will also get the same protection if they buy the Sony Mint handset.

Whilst I have never been a fan of pre-installed security solutions on computers or phones I do see this as a good move in the respect that on mobile many users don’t actually consider security implications very much if at all. Not only is Lookout a good choice amongst Android security apps, it will also come in handy for all of you who are prone to losing your handsets as it employs features which may allow you to track and trace your missing device.

Do you think pre-installed security apps are a good idea (especially for the average user who may not otherwise use one) or do you think people should be left free to choose what to put on their new handset?

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