Oracle: 40 Java SE Security Fixes Due Today

And 37 of those fixes are critical!

Later on today Oracle will release a Critical patch Update (CPU) for Java SE and you would be well advised to apply it as soon as you possibly can.

(That said, it has been a whole 57 days since the last java 0-day.)

security fixes

The fixes on offer are for all versions of Java that are currently supported – Java SE 7 Update 21 and earlier, Java SE 6 Update 45 and earlier and Java SE 5 Update 45 and earlier. Additionally, there are also security fixes available for JavaFX 2.2.21 and earlier.

Of the 40 fixes available 37 concern vulnerabilities that may be remotely exploitable without the need for a username or password.

Therefore applying the patch immediately would be good advice, as would disabling Java in your browser altogether if it isn’t actually essential to your operations. You can do this by following the links below for your browser of choice –




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