OPSWAT: What Is Your Security Score?

Do you know how secure your computer is? Chances are you know whether you have an antivirus program and a firewall but do you, for instance, know whether you are inadvertently sharing files? Are the security programs installed on your PC set up as they should be?

If you don’t know then this handy little program from OPSWAT can shed some light on the matter.


You can install the tool (which is still in beta) in moments and then score your system in several key areas. This will highlight any weaknesses or issues you may have overlooked.

Once you have run your scan, which will probably take less than a minute to complete, you’ll see the following summary.


Your computer security will be scored in 7 different categories and you will receive a total score out of 100. I don’t believe my score of 56 is correct (more on that later) but the tool still serves a purpose.

Here are my scores broken down by category –

For the firewall my F-Secure Internet Security suite earned me a score of 5/5.


For hard drive encryption I got zilch out of 10 because I don’t employ any but, then again, I don’t feel the need to anyway on this particular machine.


I got the full 10/10 for patch management which is based on whether you have Windows auto-updates on or not (this is an area I’ve seen many people forget about on their PCs).


For backups I get another zero because I don’t use Windows for my backups. This could be a reminder that I need to set something up under other circumstances but I already have it covered via other means.


I scored 5/5 for public file sharing — I’m a good boy me :).


The score for antivirus is, to my mind, quite obviously wrong. I don’t know if F-Secure should score top marks but I think I’ve been docked several points for not running a full scan recently (as well as the fact that F-Secure hasn’t been certified by OPSWAT). This would be a big deal and something in need of urgent attention if true but I did actually run such a scan less than 5 hours ago.


Antiphishing is all good courtesy of Firefox earning 20/20.


So, overall, this is a pretty handy tool. I’d suggest you don’t get too hung up over your actual score out of a hundred but if you look at any areas where you score less than expected it could highlight action that you ought to take in order to maintain your security.

Check it out for yourself: http://www.opswat.com/products/security-score

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