#OPisrael: Anonymous Member Bags Credit Cards?

Earlier this month, as I’m sure you are all aware, trouble erupted around Gaza. During that time the hacking group Anonymous took a high level of interest, specifically in regard to claims they made which suggested that the Israeli government had publicly threatened to cut of Gaza’s internet access.

Anonymous responded by producing a ‘care package’ in both Arabic and English which contained a press release, first aid instructions, a proxy and a guide on how to circumvent internet restrictions:

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On the 15th of November they then released a Pastebin file which contained well over 600 web addresses which they claimed had been defaced as part of their operation which later became known as #OPisrael.

When the conflict drew to a close Anonymous then ended their actions –

Greetings World –

For the past week, we in Anonymous have come together with many other allied cyber-activist groups from around the globe to conduct Operation Israel. Our mission was three-fold, and clearly stated: to do everything in our power to keep the innocent people of Gaza connected to the world, to interfere with the brutal aggression aimed at them by the IDF – and to help give a voice to the voiceless. We feel that we have succeeded in these goals.
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So thats that is it?

Apparently not – last night I received a message through Twitter from @ts_kula –

– which suggests that #OPisrael is continuing for one member at least.

In fact, TS-Kula also tweeted a link to Pastebin which suggests that said credit card details are going to be revealed in the not too distant future –


This raises a few questions for me:

  • is TS-Kula truly a member of Anonymous?
  • if so, are they acting alone or with the blessing of the collective?
  • and if this is a move from the Anonymous group as a whole then why after stating their activities are over?

Can anyone answer these questions or add any more insight on the matter?

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