Online Hacker Gangs Are A Real Problem On The Internet

The dynamic of a group is something that can be intoxicating to people. When you are in a group dynamic you may tend to do things that you would not necessarily do. And that does not mean that it has to be something bad. For example, when you are in a group setting and you feel comfortable, you might have the nerve to start singing on a Karaoke machine where normally you wouldn’t. Or if you are in a group setting you might start to exercise at the gym where normally you would not feel comfortable going because you think that everyone is looking at you. The group dynamic can be a real game changer when it comes to human behaviour.


But of course we know that the group behaviour can be a bad thing as well. We see it when people start to riot somewhere. And we see it in the street gangs that cause violence in different neighbourhoods around the world. Once one person makes it okay, especially if this person is the alpha of the group, then a lot more people will jump in and try to ride the momentum. And we are starting to see this with hacker gangs on the internet as well. Even though the problem is online it has the same mechanics of what we see offline all of the time. There are a few alpha leaders who recruit for someone with a weaker mentality to join their cause. You would think that smart people who not fall for this line of thinking but unfortunately that is not the case.

But while the problem is online, you have to remember that these cyber gangs are costing millions of dollars in damages each year. And that is only a small estimate of the damage that has been done by these gangs. A lot of businesses do not report when they have been attacked by a gang like this because they want to make sure that they do not scare their customers off. If their customers think that the business is in the crosshairs of some type of online gang then they are not going to want to do business with them any more. They do not want to be caught in the middle of an attack.

The problem is police and federal officials who are trying to stop the problem have not realized what they are facing yet. Law enforcement officers try to put all of these groups in one little type of criminal and they try to catch everyone the same way. But that is not the reality of the situation and that is not how it should be done. Some of these gangs are political in nature and they cause problems that go along with their political beliefs. Other gangs are motivated by money and they are doing crimes that show that. And other cyber gangs may not be cyber gangs at all and they are really state sponsored. They just pose as a cyber gang so that anyone looking into them will not be able to tell who is really bankrolling the operation.

The problem of cyber gangs is not going away any time soon. And while they may form online just like a real gang does offline, it does not mean that you can handle the problem in the same manner. You have to really study the problem and go at it in a more smart and indirect way.

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