Obfuscating Your Web Code

Sometimes you want to be able to say something but you do not want to say it directly. So you say words that may soften the impact of your true meaning. You want to be able to get your point across without damaging either the ego or the confidence of the person with whom you are talking to.

This is seen as something that is perfectly acceptable. Even though we would like to, we cannot go around expressing our exact thoughts at every moment of the day. You have to pick your moments when you want to truly express yourself. If you do it all of the time then there is a good chance that you will see yourself in a lot of controversy over time (I must learn to take my own advice here!).

What Is JavaScript Obfuscation?

This same line of thinking is used in the web world as well. Technology is used so that everyone cannot understand the true meaning of your source code. When people create web pages they do so with the knowledge that other people will be able to see the code that they have done. This is true at least on the client side of the browser. On the server side people are not able to see the code that you have written. But on the client side all a person has to do to be able to see the code is to right click on the browser and hit the words View Source. And now all of the work that you have done is exposed. This is both a good and bad thing. While you want to be able to share with the world and help other people learn, it also helps the bad guys figure out how they are going to attack your web site. And with the popularity of Ajax based applications even more on the rise, the way to attack a web site with client side code is becoming even more of a threat.

So to keep this from happening there are several solutions that you can take. One of the most popular ways for you to be able to stop people from looking at your code is through obfuscation. This is sort of like an encryption technique that allows the person to see the code but it is not in it’s original form. The code is harder to read than how it was originally created. You may be able to still figure out code through obfuscation unlike encryption but it is harder than just hitting right click.

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