Now That Your Password Is On A Public Web Site What Should You Do Next?

Getting hacked is a horrible feeling once you realized that it has happened to you. Getting your data hacked on another web site that you trusted to keep your data safe is an even worse feeling than that. When it is your fault that you were hacked it is easier to accept than when a service that you trusted to know better is the one that has exposed your information.

Recently we have seen a lot of web sites have their database data pulled and put on show for the whole world to see. The black hat hackers that do this get a kick out of it and they are trying to show people how skillful they really are. But meanwhile while that hacker is having fun, your data is now out there for the world to see. So if you get to this point, what should you do next? If your password is exposed to the world what are the next steps that you should take?

Now That Your Password Is On A Public Web Site What Should You Do Next

Change your password!

The most obvious answer is if you still plan on using this web site then make sure that your password is changed. Most web sites will force you to make a change. Even if they do not force you to, change it anyway.

The second thing that you should do is if your email was exposed make sure you change the password on it as well. There are a horde of script kiddies who are going to try and attack the emails that were made public. Make sure that your new password is hard to guess and has a lot of mixed numbers and letters inside of it.

After that, make sure that you change any web site that you visit where you might have used the same password to get in. The worst thing that you can do on the web is use the same password everywhere. But yet a lot of people still do this. Make sure that you end that practice and go back and change all of your passwords which are the same.

Your password being exposed is not the end of the world; just make sure you take the steps that you need to so that the situation is rectified.

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