Now That Bitlocker Has Been Hacked, Is Protecting Your Laptop Data From A Physical Attack Still Possible?

For a lot of people out there, they may have never head of the term bitlocker before. It is not a word that you hear every day so that is a good reason why most people in the audience do not know what it is. But if you are in the security community then you have heard of Bitlocker and you might have even heard the news of what happened to it. It was hacked but it was not the first time that it happened. Security companies and black hat hackers all over the world were trying to test the merits of the technology ever since it came out. It was able to survive pretty good from most of the attacks but now holes have been found. So now that you know that a product like Bitlocker is not going to keep you 100% protected, let’s take a look at some ways that you will be able to replace the functionality that was available in the Bitlocker product.

BitLocker still has it's merits

BitLocker still has it's merits

What does bitlocker do?

While we have sat here and told you how bitlocker was able to be hacked, we have not told you the functionality that was implemented when Bitlocker was turned on. It was a program that allowed you to protect your hardware. It is supposed to protect your laptop from outside intruders who might try to attack it. When people travel away from home, they sometimes bring their laptop with them. Because the item is portable, it can get lost very easily. It happens all of the time and when it happens to the person they become very distraught. They are upset for two reasons. The first reason is that they have paid a lot of money for the machine and now it is gone. The other reason why they are upset is because the data that is on the laptop is now exposed to whoever has it. Depending on what the person used the laptop for, this data can be personal or work related. We all keep things on the computer that we do not want anybody to see and now all of that data is exposed. Bitlocker was designed to help prevent that. It was an encrypted layer on the machine that would protect the hardware from being access by just anybody. It was one of Microsoft’s most innovative security products and it was well received by the security community. Now that it has been hacked, there is going to be more of a need for a product or techniques that will be able to either replace or supplement bitlocker.

Replacements for bitlocker

Just because bitlocker has been hacked, it does not mean that you cannot use the technology anymore. It just means that you will have to be more careful when you are using it. Most people who would steal your laptop do not know how to implement the hack that allows you to get past the bitlocker technology. Luckily for you, most thieves are not high level hackers so your data will be safe. But in some cases there are some high level hackers that might get their hands on your laptop and will be able to get past the bitlocker security that is implemented. So to stop this from happening we will show you how to stop someone from getting your data even though they have bypassed bitlocker.

The mindset that you need to have when you are replacing this stuff is that it is all about encryption. You need to be able to encrypt as much data as possible. That was what bitlocker was doing and now you need to be able to back it up. The first thing that you should worry about encrypting is all of the passwords that you use on the system. Just having them saved in the Firefox settings is not good enough. Anyone would be able to see them. So you need to use software like keepass to store your passwords with. It is software that has a high level of encryption with the password storage database. So now that you have the passwords that you use safely tucked away, what about the rest of the files on the disk? This is when we take a look at a piece of software called Trucrypt.

Truecrypt allows you to encrypt entire portions of your hard drive. It can be one file, one folder, or even one partition. Whatever you need to be secured by an encryption layer, Truecrypt will handle this for you. It is highly recommended product and it allows you to pick through a wide variety of encryption types.

Combining these two technologies with Bitlocker will help you protect the data that is on the hardware. If Bitlocker fails then you still have these two technologies to back you up.

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