Norton Internet Security 2010 Beta Released

A few weeks ago there were new antivirus betas released by both Panda (cloud) and MSE.

Now its the turn of Symantec to join in as they release their own betas of Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton Antivirus.

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I’ve seen comments on previous posts here that suggest earlier versions of Norton’s AV have had a huge memory footprint but I’ve not experienced that, at least not with the 2009 version.

I’ve not tried the 2010 beta myself as I’m currently experiencing a few issues with the Windows 7 RC I’m running but I would imagine that it will offer further improvements against previous versions.

If anyone is interested in trying it out you can grab yourself a copy from Norton’s Beta Center.

I’d be very happy to hear your comments if you do use it, especially as it is compatible with Windows 7.

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  1. What is this beta season all about? Everyone in the av industry is releasing betas instead of full products now!

    • Ha ha. I’m sure the full products will follow shortly after the betas have been given a thorough testing…

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