Norton Antivirus 2013 Review

Norton Antivirus 2013 Review

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On March 3, 2013
Last modified:May 26, 2013


Norton Antivirus 2013 offers excellent malware removal as well as a host of 'extras' that are genuinely useful. Its easy to use out of the box and also comes with free 24/7 support. This program is definitely worth of your consideration.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent malware detection and removal
  • Many useful extra features
  • Protects IE and Firefox from browser vulnerabilities
  • Free technical support at any time

Up until recently I’ve not been a fan of Norton and thats a situation that was exacerbated (big time!) recently when I had to help a work colleague out with her Norton-protected machine and several issues that it was experiencing.


Perhaps my own use of Norton Antivirus 2013 (Symantec have actually dropped the year from their products now) will be somewhat better…?

Will it run on my PC?

The minimum suggested system requirements for this program are as follows:

  • 1 Ghz processor (300 Mhz for Windows XP)
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 300 MB of hard drive space
  • Windows XP SP2 32-bit / Vista SP1 32- and 64-bit / 7 32- and 64-bit / 8 32- and 64-bit


Is it easy to install this program?

Yes, incredibly so.

After double clicking on the installer it was a mere 2 minutes or so until the program was ready to run and no system reboot was required.

What is the user interface like?

I must say that I rather like the interface this year. As you can see below, the colour scheme is predominantly black and grey with some green and white thrown in and this looks both modern and easy to read.


The way things are set out is good too. The main areas you’ll likely be interested in are clearly laid out on the main page. I’m not so sure about the first box which details cpu usage and states whether it is Norton or your system that is using up your processor – I actually found the figures to be lower than what was stated here!

Of course you have the all important ‘ScanNow’ button here and this is likely to be the area of greatest interest to you unless you schedule all or your scans.

You can also access LiveUpdate here. Obviously its important to make sure that this is kept updated but, strangely, it didn’t work for me until after I had completed my first scan. It worked perfectly thereafter.

Over to the right of this main screen you have links to Norton Management which will allow you to manage your devices and licenses. The Mobile link takes you to a page with a QR code. Scanning that will install Norton Mobile Security onto your Android device. Lastly, backup will check the status of your Norton Online Backup account, assuming you have one.

What features does the program offer?

Norton Antivirus 2013 really excels in this area, offering far more than mere antivirus and anti-spyware scans :

  • For you social networkers out there you’ll be pleased to hear that the program offers the ability to scan your Facebook news feed in order to detect any risky web sites or downloads that may be linked to from there.
  • Then you will see a toolbar when you fire your web browser up. With this you will gain access to Norton’s Safe Web rating system. You’ll have known dodgy sites blocked and others that may be dubious will be highlighted with a coloured icon.
  • Furthermore a password manager, Norton Identity Safe, can also be accessed with the toolbar.

Further features are broken down into 3 main areas –


Here you have access to settings concerned with the various scanning options as well as real time protection –



This area is concerned with your browser protection and intrusion prevention –



Here you have access to various settings revolving around monitoring and scheduling of tasks and performance –


And there are also the advanced settings that can be accessed from the main screen –


Will it keep me safe?

Most likely, yes.


In my own testing NAV 2013 performed pretty well when it came to blocking malware before it could get onto my test system.

Where it excelled, however, was in removing malware that had already found its way onto a specially infected machine. In this case the program removed every single sample without any trouble at all.

For now, at least, Norton Antivirus goes joint top of the pile for malware removal.


Overall impression

I didn’t really know what to expect from Norton Antivirus 2013 in advance – Symantec seem to have a ‘marmite’ reputation amongst my friends and family – meaning their programs tend to be either loved or hated. And I was certainly in the latter camp in many years gone by.

Lately, however, Norton had come on leaps and bounds and this is one very solid antivirus program that is extremely good at removing malware from an infected system. It also offers some good extra features that are actually likely to be very useful to most users.


During my typical test of resource usage I found NAV 2013 to report slightly higher than average memory and CPU usage but, in reality, this wasn’t an issue at all as there was no noticeable slowdown when I attempted multiple other tasks whilst running a full scan.

So, overall, I would have to say that this would be a great choice if you are looking to buy an antivirus program right now. Norton Antivirus 2013 is definitely one to add to your shortlist.

Norton Antivirus 2013 offers excellent malware removal as well as a host of 'extras' that are genuinely useful. Its easy to use out of the box and also comes with free 24/7 support. This program is definitely worth of your consideration.
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