No Matter What You Try, Someone Is Always Going To Be Able To Reverse Engineer What You Did

Human beings have one thing going for us. Well we have one more than one thing but this point is supposed to show one of the biggest things that we have going for us. And that one thing going for us is the fact that we are very curious creatures. It doesn’t matter what the mystery is, there is always going to be several of us who want to figure it out. While not everyone in the species are what you would consider curious people, there are many who are and they are the people who push us to excel in places that we never thought we would excel in. If you want to get something new done you have to be able to push past the visible boundaries and thank goodness we have so many people who are willing to do that.


But curious people are curious people and you cannot just turn it on and off. And you cannot control where they point their curiosity at. Some people who are curious will create exploits that will be beneficial to the people around them and some people who are curious; their exploits are going to be considered detrimental. There is always a ying and a yang to everything in life and curiosity is no exception.

The other thing that is good with humans is our ability to create. While curiosity plays a role in this, it is also the fact that we are always trying to build upon our legacy. We want to build something that is going to be here after we are gone. Most people have kids that will continue on their legacy after they are gone. But a lot of people have projects that they create that will continue on their legacy. Some will hand the projects down to their kids while others will give it to the public square.

The problem with creation is that someone is going to see what you did and want to build on that. Or they want to see how what you did works so they are willing to tear it apart and see what is inside. This is not really a problem because that is how we all learn. We see how other people did something and we try to improve or build our own. The problem starts when some people who know how to take apart items think that it is their right to be able to distribute that item or sell it as if it is theirs. They try to take away the power from the creator of that item and act as if they are the ones who are in control.

Trying to protect themselves

Some creators hate the fact that this happens while other creators could care less. The creators who do care that this happens try their best to stop it. And while in other fields it is possible, when it comes to computers it is very hard. No matter how much effort or money you put into creating a software protection scheme that will stop the bad guys from being able to get in they are still going to find a way to get around it. This is just how computers are made.

We see this with video games all of the time. The video game industry will spend top dollar when it comes to the protection of the game. This means that they have several different types of software protection that you have to get by before you are able to play the game. But you know who this is more of an inconvenience for? It is bad for the people who paid for the game legitimately. They are the ones who are going to have to jump through hoops to be able to use your product. The bad guys are going to find a way around it once again.

But we have to be careful when we use the term bad guys. Even though that is how a lot of people see them not all of the people who crack copyright protection are the bad guys. There are a lot of people who do it because they love the challenge and not because they want free content. The bad guys come into play when they try to make a profit or try to distribute stolen content. I know that there is a thin line here but no matter how thin it is there is a line. You cannot stop people from being curious and they should not be labeled criminals just because they are.

When you are creating a software item you have to take into account that there are some people who are going to reverse engineer it. You have to think to yourself when you try to protect your IP, is this going to hurt the people who bought the product legitimately? If it is then there is a good chance that you might want to rethink your approach.

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