Newcastle United FC In £150m Takeover Hoax

Mike Ashley, owner of newly-relegated Newcastle United is keen to sell up and recoup some of the money he ploughed into the football club.

On Thursday evening he may possibly have thought that he had a buyer in multimillionaire Rick Parkinson from Northumberland.

Following photos and a press release the story ran on television but the Northern Echo had reservations.

Turns out they were right as Mr. Parkinson actually turned out to be a fan of bitter rivals Sunderland and the whole story was a hoax.

I guess it will depend upon your football allegiances but do you think such a joke is funny or a little bit stupid?

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  1. NUFC = FAIL 😀

  2. This is so obviously a hoax I mean who would pay that much money for a Championship club?

    • I reckon some of them might be worth it but posiibly not Newcastle, unless they can seriously slash their wage bill.

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