New Year Resolutions You Should Take When It Comes To The Security Of Your Computer

Once again it is that time of year where we celebrate the upcoming arrival of the New Year. People like to take this time and look at both the good things and the bad things of the previous year and either enhance them or make serious corrections. Most of the time you will hear this described as resolutions but it does not have to be that radical. Sometimes you can just noticed things that need to be changed and you just go ahead and do them. Do not put the extra pressure on yourself by making it some kind of resolution.


While most people will think to make this kind of commitment on what kinds of foods that they eat or how much they are going to go to the gym the following year, you can do it with something that might be a bit more easily attainable. That means that you can affect your work process and promise yourself to have a safer New Year when it comes to your computer. This is something that can really help you over time and you will be glad that you picked up safer computing habits.

While it may seem like that it is almost impossible to stay safe while you are on the internet that is simply just not true. Yes, the news stories can be scary and a lot of those stories can be true. But there are ways to stay safe on the internet and most of the time it will work. And it does not have to be that complicated. Most of the actions that you should take to make yourself safer in the New Year are common sense related. And a big chunk of them are actions that you have already heard of before but you just have not worked them into your everyday routine. So let’s talk right now about what you can do to change your habits in the New Year when it comes to staying safe on the computer while using the internet.

First of all you are going to want to do a password change for the New Year. While it is better policy to do a password change on all of your accounts, once every few months, even doing it once a year is better than not at all. And when you do this password change make sure that it is a good password. Changing your password to one that is weak will not help you in the long run. So make sure your password has both numbers and letters in it and also make sure that it is long enough that it would be hard to guess. That also means that you should not make the password personal. In other words no one should be able to guess it just because they know you.

Another step that you can take to be safer in the New Year is to be careful when it comes to the type of sites that you go to. Do not click on strange links that seem sketchy and if you have a question then you should ask. Do not be afraid to look dumb if you do not know where a link leads to. It is better to be safe than sorry these days when it comes to the internet. The bad guys are hoping that you just click on anything without doing any kind of research.

There are a lot more steps that you can take to stay safe in the New Year – what are your best suggestions?

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