New Tool From Allows You To Find Out How Much Of Your Privacy Is Leaking Out Of Facebook

Facebook has been a lead story in the tech world for a couple of weeks now and there is a good reason why.

In fact there are two good reasons.

The first reason they have been in the news a lot is that they have launched a bunch of new features that is supposed to make using their service a much better experience.

The other reason why they have been in the news is that this new enjoyable experience seems to be coming at the expense of their users’ privacy, leaving some wondering how they can maintain their privacy on Facebook.

When people first signed up for the service they thought that it would be just like any other social network service and play by the same rules.

But this has not happened.

Changing Facebook Policies

Facebook has gotten bigger than any other social media web site before it and now they have changed a couple of their policies to reflect those changes.

But if you are worried about how much information Facebook is sharing from your account, then there is a tool out there that will help you find out.

You can use this software to determine if you would like to stay with the service any longer, if you feel as if they are not respecting your privacy.

One of the tools out there was created by a developer named Ka-Ping Yee.

All the tool needs is your Facebook ID to see what is being put out there about you.

The tool is located here and before Facebook fixed a big security breach, using the API, there was a lot more information that this tool could find out about you.

Facebook had to admit that there were holes in their API and they finally fixed them.

This tool is still able to tell you how much information is out there about you according to Facebook but thankfully the holes have been fixed so the results are not as deep as they once were.

Resistance Is Futile

Facebook is trying to challenge services such as Google and to do this they need your data to be a catalyst.

So, little by little, they try to change the terms of agreement that you first had to agree to when you signed up for Facebook.

By changing this agreement, I believe that they are telling you that they want to put more of your data out for public display and the data that is not put on public display can still be shared by third parties that use their API.

By sharing some of your private information with some of these third parties, they allow them to target their ads with a laser like focus to attract you.

The bad part about this is that most people do not know that their data is being used like this.

Of course Facebook is not the only web company that is doing stuff like this but they are one of the most noticeable.

People go to the site to share their information with their friends and family.

It is too bad for them; they are now unknowingly sharing it with the world.

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