New To The Security Field? Then Start Off By Focusing On One Target

When you are new to something it can be hard to know where to plant your flag at. Yes, you can read a lot about the subject or go to school and learn that way and that is a great place to start. But once you have learned everything that school or books are going to teach you and you are out on your own, what do you do next? Where are you going to find a job at? Is there a lot of competition out there that you have to worry about? These are the questions that you are going to be confronted with when you are at the beginning of your career.


Luckily there are some guide maps that you can follow to help you along the way. And one of these guide maps is to look at other peoples careers in the industry. How did they get noticed and how are they at the level that they are at now? When you start to look at other people’s career you will start to see several patterns start to take shape. And then it is up to you to decide which one of these patterns do you want to follow. The best choice is to follow the one that seems most comfortable to you. But in this article we are going to talk about one particular pattern that seems to work a lot now that the computer security field has gotten a lot bigger and there is more competition out there.

Before you could just say that you were in the computer security field and people would look at you like you were special. That is because it was relatively new field and not that many people knew about it. But now it is all over the place and to wow people you have to add a little something extra to it. These days it seems that if you want to be noticed in the computer security field then you will want to focus on a particular product and become the expert in that when it comes to security.

Some of the rock stars in the hacker world are people who focused on a hot product like the Chrome browser or the IOS operating system. They were able to continuously find their way around the security of these devices and people started to respect the skills that it took to be able to do that. So they have made it their mission to find the security flaws every time a new version of the product comes out. And once they are able to do that then people start to notice them again and all of the sudden they start to get noticed by people who are offering jobs. And they are high paying jobs at that.

Now you do not have to go through all of this just to get a job. But what we are saying is that it will make it a lot easier to do so. In this day and age with the internet, if you want to stand out then you really have to do something to be noticed. You have to let your work shine for you. Once you do that then people will start to come around and notice the talent that you have. But this also means that you have to really study your craft so that you can put yourself on higher echelons of the industry. You cannot just sit back and try to do it off of what you know now. You have to really be committed and work at it.

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