New Technology Makes It Easier To Hash Passwords

We live in an age now where it is easier to get more speedy computation. In the past most people were lucky to even have a computer. They did not get to dictate how fast the computer would go. If they wanted a computer that was considered to be fast then they would have to go very deep in their pockets to purchase one. But now all of that has changed. Most of the low end computers that are sold now are more powerful than the computers that powered the first manned flight to the moon. Even the smart phones that we use on a daily basis are able to put the computer that was used just ten years ago to shame.

New Technology Makes It Easier To Hash Passwords

When it comes to computers, an increase in speed like this means that you are able to perform your work even faster than before. You can do things on a personal computer now that were unimaginable a few years ago. You have a lot of power sitting at your hands when you use a modern computer. Too bad all of that extra power goes unused.

But there is a downside that is inevitable with the huge speed increase of computers. Just as you are able to get your work done even better on a more powerful computer, the bad guys out on the internet are able to do their work at more remarkable speeds as well. They are able to push out faster and more sophisticated hacks than ever before. But it is not just in the creation of the malware where the increase in speeds has helped them. It is also the fact that the victims are faster now as well. They are able to do a lot more with the attacks than they could do in the past.

One of the biggest changes with this increase in speed is the ability to hash passwords better. Hashing passwords is the process of being able to take a hash made during password creation and trying to match it against already known hash marks, most of the time using what is known as a rainbow table. A hash is when a web site takes the password that a user enters and makes it so that it is undecipherable to the human eye. A hashed password is useless to a hacker so they need to be able to figure it out. That is where hashing comes into play.

The new speed of computers is mostly a good thing but it does have its dark side as well. Allowing the bad guys to be better is one of them.

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