New Phishing Course At Indiana University?

As regular readers and subscribers will know, phishing is an ever increasing problem.

It is a technique employed by scammers to try and extract personal or financial information for either identity theft or fraud, or both.

Due to the increased prevalence of phishing, researchers at Indiana University decided to delve into the subject in order to gain a better understanding and maybe even suggest better methods of avoidance.

Obviously their intent is quite noble, however, their methods have been drawing some criticism.

You see, to garner the information they require they have been posing as scammers themselves, attempting to phish information from students.

They appear to have been quite successful too, gaining information such as mothers’ maiden names when phishing with email addresses known to the recipients.

In fact, the article is really quite informative for those wishing to engage in phishing, much more so than offering any kind of advice for tackling it.

Indiana University claims it is quite legal to use deceptive practices to further their research, especially as those targeted could come across such phishing attempts away from the University anyway.

One can only hope that American universities store their information more securely than some British educational establishments, otherwise a scammer could get hold of extremely useful information quite easily from their database.

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