New PDF Flaw Leads To The Zeus Botnet

When a hacker wants to create a botnet they will use a million and one ways to get it done.

So far, in the age of botnets, there have been no tricks that they haven’t pulled.

They will use any means necessary to be able to spread their warez around to people’s computers.

Most people or groups who make malware focus only on a couple of ways to distribute it across the internet whereas it would seem that the people or groups who like to build up their botnets will go to any lengths possible.

That is why they are so hard to pin down.

The Zeus Botnet

Now they are using an Adobe PDF flaw so that they are able to spread their malware to everyone.

This flaw was recently discovered but since we know of several hacks and exploits that are available through the PDF format, we are sure to see more to come.

The botnet that is using this flaw in the PDF software is called Zeus and they have a pretty ingenious way of accomplishing this.

They accomplish this goal by having a person download the infected PDF file.

Once the PDF file is downloaded, the person has to click on the file to activate it.

Once that file is clicked, they are asked to download another PDF to their computer.

The file claims that it is a PDF but in reality it is really an EXE file.

If you are a Windows user, then you should be familiar in what an .exe file is – these are the files that will execute a program on your computer.

This file does the same thing; it is executing a piece of malware, which is another name for bad behaving software, onto your computer.

Once the malware is installed your computer will automatically become part of the botnet.

The Consequences Of Being Trapped In A Botnet

Once your computer is part of the botnet it will start to do things such as send out spam or deliver a DDOS attack to a server on the internet.

Your computer is now part of a big web of computers that are performing criminal behavior around the web.

The worst thing about it is that you may never know that it is going on – the one thing that people that run botnets know how to do is to hide the software that they put on your computer.

They do not want you to be able to discover that their software is on your computer.

If you do, then most likely you will try to get it fixed and that leaves them with one less computer as part of their botnet.

So it is in their best interests to try and not do any damage to your computer.

Most likely all the new updates to antivirus software out there will have the patches to find this new exploit – this is why you must keep your software updated at all times.

If you do not, then a piece of malware like this may be able to sneak up on you.

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