New Features For Metasploit 4.0

If you are in the world of network security then there is a good chance that you have either heard of or have used a framework that is called Metasploit. If you have not heard of it then you should become acquainted with it because it will allow you to do your work a lot easier.

What Metasploit does is allow you to be able to test well know vulnerabilities without looking it up on your own. The framework already has both the exploits and the tools that you need to test your network. You will be able to test your systems to make sure that they are protected against such attacks. It is a lot easier than having to look up the attacks on your own and then learning how to execute them.

The new version of Metasploit has been released and this one promises to have a bunch of features that both users of the old system and those that are using it for the very first time are sure to love. So let’s check out some of the new features of the latest release of Metasploit.

metasploit framework

New features of Metasploit 4.0

The first thing that you are probably going to notice is that there have been 36 new exploits added to the new version of Metasploit. The black hat hacker community is active all of the time and Metasploit needs to make sure that you have their latest tricks in hand. Also there has been new attention paid to 64 bit Linux with new payloads added. There are new exploits added for the Firefox and Internet Explorer browser as well.

If you get the Pro version there are new features added to that as well. You have more third party import filters that you can add to the system. Also the Vulnerability Management List has been improved. And there are more automated security testing that can be done.

These are just a few of the new features that have been added to Metasploit 4.0. Take a look for yourself at all of the features that were not mentioned.

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