‘New Features’ Are The Bait As Scammers Phish For X Boxes

If you are a console games player and own an X Box then chances are that you have heard of X Box Live, a subscription based service offered by Microsoft which allows users to meet online and play multi-player games against internet opponents.


However, Microsoft have reported in the last few days that a new email scam targets users of it’s service in an attempt to phish details from them which may include one or more of the following –

  • Live user names
  • Account passwords
  • Credit card details

So far, the phishing attempt has targeted visitors to X Box forums.

Regular visitors to such forums have received an email that would, at first glance, appear to have been sent by Microsoft Support. A link within the email directs the reader to a spoof website that looks to be an exact replica of Microsoft’s own Passport secure login page.

Once on that site, victims are then encouraged to enter in their Live username and password. They are also directed to submit credit card details in order to pay an update to their account which promises new and enhanced features.

If you receive such an email then do not click on any links within it. If you believe you need to make any alterations to your account then do so by typing the url for the official Microsoft site directly into your browser.

Dear Xbox Live User,

We have made many changes to everyone’s Xbox Live account, and we would like you to check out the new features! You can check out the new features by click on the link below to login and check them out!

Please check out your new features to your Xbox Live account!

(fake website address link here)

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