New Facebook Hack Shows Your Friends Pictures That You Cannot See

If I say the words, the most popular web site in the world, there are probably only two web sites that you are going to think about. One of the web sites will probably be Google while the other would be Facebook. Yes, Facebook the social network has exploded in the past couple of years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Even before the movie came out about it last year it had more than 500 million people signed up for the service.

The reason why so many people sign up to use it is because it is the one place where it is easy to find almost everyone who has ever been in your life. When you have over 500 million people using just one service then there is a good chance that someone you know is going to be on there.

But no matter how popular Facebook is, there is a down side as well. And it is because of its popularity that this down side exists. There are at times serious security problems with the service. Because black hat hackers know that a lot of people use the service they then know that it is easy to find victims in their attacks. Some of the security problems have been serious while others have been more of a nuisance and not wide spread.

There is an attack that has been happening recently where people who use the service have been posting vile ugly pictures without knowing it. Only the people who are your friends are the ones who actually see it. While the attack has not been widespread yet, it is still a problem. So far the pain has been mainly from embarrassment but it can conceivably lead to something much worse later on.

An attack like this is dangerous because the victim does not know it is happening. It takes someone on the outside to let them know what is going on. Since the people who follow you pretty much for the most part trust you then that means they could click a link thinking that it is coming from you and instead become infected.

Facebook has been at work solving this problem and so far they have it contained. While it seems like the damage due to the attack has been minimum this could be just a test run for something bigger. So make sure you are careful when you use it and any other service.

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