Need A Girlfriend But Can’t Get The Real Thing?

The following wacky story may be true, knowing the Japanese.


it may be a hoax.

What do you think?

Japanese technology company Sega has recently released the EMA (Eternal Maiden Actualisation) robot –

judging by the curves, the robot is supposed to be female and ‘she’ is a mighty 38cm tall. (Guess long legs are out then.)

Sega would appear to be making a selling point out of the E.M.A’s. ‘glamorous body’ and her high level of interactivity – she is capable of handing out business cards, can sing and dance and also, apparently, walk ‘like a lady’. (But can she cook?)

Kiss Kiss

The EMA also comes with a kiss function.

If your move your head close to the robot then you will activate it’s love mode, prompting it to give you a kiss. (Yeah, all sounds ok, but can she clean?)

Eternal Maiden

(Sounds like the sort of woman I’m looking for)

What, then, is an Eternal Maiden Actualisation?

The name kind of implies that it is a toy you can have sex with, only to find that it has regained it’s virginity the next morning. (Now I’m definitely interested)


Will Sega’s next move be to create a male version – the Real Man Actualisation (RMA) robot?

If so, what traits would that model possess? (maybe it will only kiss girls who have blonde hair?)

Female Substitute?

In society, at least where I live, men are becoming redundant – women can marry women, have surrogate children and raise said kids without a father.

Is a female robot a good substitute then for those men left on the shelf, or have I made this story up?

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  1. robot puppies, robot kittens what next? robot chics!

  2. True…now don’t ask me why

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this story somewhere else so I would have to say it is true.

  4. Dionne Collins says:

    This sounds like one of your fake stories you naughty man.

    • Me?


      Hmmm… maybe 😉

    • It’s true. They exist. Some company on the West Coast custom builds them for people. It puts out around 600 a year. These sex automatons look eerily fake, so you can tell. Even by their behavior. They’re perfectly well mannered and too pretty to be real.

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