Nation State Malware And The Havoc it Can Cause

As you already probably know, the internet has been infested with malware for many years now. There is some debate on when you should use the term malware but in the case that we are talking about we’re referring to any kind of action that can infect your computer. Or it malware may cause you to give up information that you do not mean to do. Malware has been a big problem and there is still no end in sight when it comes to dealing with it. So the best thing that you can do is try to protect yourself from it through many of the products that are available for you to use. There are a lot of choices when it comes to computer security protection and a lot of them are more than adequate for your needs.


Most of the malware that you see on the internet is brought by individual players in the game. What we mean is that most of the malware that you see is done by independent developers or criminals that are trying to make money. But there is a new rising segment that is a lot more dangerous than these individual players that we have had in the past. These new players are well funded and have an unlimited amount of resources. That means that they are able to do whatever they want when it comes to bending the popular technology out there to its knees. What we are talking about is malware that is created by Nation States.

When we say malware created by nation states what we are talking about is malware that is created by several different countries from around the world. Yes, there is a new boss in town when it comes to the malware game and that boss maybe the country that you are living in. We have seen a serious infiltration of malware like this in the past few years and it is only starting to ramp up. We are seeing the beginnings of a great cyber war and it is one that promises to be as big as the cold war in the past.

The malware that we see coming from nation states tend to be more vicious in nature. But they also seem to be more targeted as well. The malware that most of the countries commit to the internet seem to infect only their enemies and not the general public. The technology that is included in the malware is programmed to recognize certain aspects of a target’s computer. If the computer that it is in does not meet those criteria then the malware does not activate. It lays dormant in the person’s computer and then self destructs after a certain amount of time.

But if you are a computer that does meet that target then you can expect to have some damage done to your system. Actually it really depends on the type of system that it lands on. If it is a system that belongs to a single person then it will do its best to just sit there and spy. It will gather the data and then ship it to some server in a remote location. But if you are on a system that controls something vital then you will probably see some physical damage done to the computer. This means that you could possibly see erased drives, changed code, forcing devices to malfunction and a number of other actions.

When it comes to nation state malware, what we are seeing is just the beginning. Like we said earlier in the article this problem is only going to get worse.

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