The Name A Star Scam

Have you seen those websites out there, or newspaper advertisements, that offer the opportunity to name a star?

I know a great many people who have thought of it as a romantic gesture towards a loved one.

I also have a friend who actually went ahead and used such a service to name a star after a baby she lost.


If you are looking at making a romantic gesture, or are thinking of naming a star as a novelty gilt, then there are many companies who offer such a service and recipients do tend to appreciate the sentiment.

However, what you should know is that most of these services that you see advertised are not quite as they seem.

That is because the reality is that the International Astronomical Union is the only body who have the right to name a celestial body and they are not about to put the name ‘Francesca’, or whatever, onto the star maps that astronomers and other academics use.

So what exactly are you getting for the $100+ that you have paid for naming a star?

Well, the reality is that you are getting what you paid for – a star with the name you gave it, a certificate and a star map.

Just don’t be led into believing that anyone in authority will know your star by the name you gave it though!

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  1. In other words a cool gift but the certificate is pretty valueless?

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