MySpace Safety Tips

stay safe on MySpace

The people of the modern age are sort of addicted to the interact activity called social networking.

Regardless their profession, each and every person has got their own reason behind spending time on social networks.

I would not be wrong if I call MySpace as the first major social networking web site.


There are number of ways to make your MySpace homepage attractive and eye catching and there are number of other activities that can be done on MySpace.

Whether it would be uploading your pictures, meeting new people on communities or catching up with friends; MySpace was a revolution on Internet itself.

Since MySpace is a social networking web site, it becomes very necessary on your part to tweak the settings of your profile such that unknown people cannot misuse your stuff on MySpace.

On MySpace everyone needs to be cautious enough whether the person is a 10 year old kid or 70 year old veteran.

MySpace is a public space; you need to make sure that you do not share any such details that you do not want a stranger to know (like your phone number, address, IM ids, photographs or any other details).

Getting up close with the people of different communities and countries is a great experience and this is one of the factors which makes social networking so addictive.

But it is always advised to limit yourself while you are in touch with a stranger on MySpace and it is advised to mark your pages as private as this will not allow strangers to view your profile.

It is advised to stay away from abusive or controversial talks.

Say a big NO to such things on MySpace.

And you can act as a responsible MySpace user by informing others about such incidents.

And you are a parent and they it is very necessary to keep an eye on the activities pursed by your kids on MySpace.

Your kid needs to be more than 14 years old to create an account with MySpace.

Make sure that your child keeps his information private and does not accept friend requests from strangers.

It is always recommended to parents to have a MySpace account which allows you to know what your kid does with his MySpace account and when your kid registers with MySpace, make sure that you give a proper explanation about the services.

These paragraphs will help you ensure that you keep your privacy and security levels intact.

It is great fun and everyone needs to experience the MySpace effect but be cautious and happy MySpace-ing.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.

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