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On June 14, 2011
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Nice clean interface and many useful features. Overall a great program but be aware that some commentators on my Kaspersky related posts have suggested that support may be an issue with this brand.

My Review Of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

If you follow the internet security industry at all then you will probably already know that it is customary for companies to release their lineup for the following year at about this time.

Of all the security products I’ve chosen to look at over the coming 12 months, the first off the blocks this year is Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. So, without further ado, I’ll take a look at the Russian lab’s offering to see how it fares against last year’s products and, in time, how it compares with it’s competition.
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Key benefits
  • Quick to install – get up and running fast
  • Quick to run – carry on working whilst staying protected
  • Effective detection of threats – stay virus free

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How easy is it to setup and use Kaspersky Internet Security 2012?

Installation of the files needed to run Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 was very quick indeed. At the beginning of the installation process the program looked for any conflicting security programs that were already on my system and, to my surprise, it did actually find remnants of an old installation of a competing product (I won’t embarrass the company by naming whose uninstallation procedure didn’t quite work as it should). After this, it was a simple case of activating the product and then I was up and running.

Once the program was up and running I downloaded the latest update, which took a while, and then gave it a quick spin. As this is the first 2012 product I’ve looked at it is difficult to be objective as to how Kaspersky’s latest program will compare with others that are released later in the year but my initial impression is very positive indeed. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is packed full of all the features that you would expect to see in such a program and definitely offers a significant level of extra protection when compared to any standalone antivirus program.

The interface is nice and simple to understand with all the common items you will need easily accessible.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
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What features does Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 offer me?

To say that Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is feature packed would be something of an understatement. I think the only task I found that the program couldn’t complete for me was switching my lights on and off!

Here is a quick list of the more important features that the program has to offer –

  • antivirus – protection of files, mail, instant messaging and web
  • spam protection – block those unwanted emails
  • firewall – protection against hackers
  • applications control
  • network defense – protect your home network
  • network monitoring
  • ad blocking – because you don’t like your surfing experience being spoiled by adverts
  • cloud protection – quick response to new threats
  • parental controls – keep your kids safe by blocking sites and limiting their time on the computer
  • gaming profile
  • virtual keyboard – a great defense against keyloggers

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How well will the program run on my computer?

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 has the following system requirements –

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 /Vista /7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
  • a minimum of 480 MB free hard drive space
  • an internet connection
  • a processor rated at 1Ghz or above
  • 1 GB RAM for a 32 bit operating system / 2GB RAM if you are running 64 bit Windows

Additionally, the program will run on the majority of current line netbooks assuming they can match or exceed the following specs –

  • Intel Atom processor 1.6 Ghz (not 1.6 Mhz as their web site currently says!) or better
  • I GB or more RAM
  • Windows XP home or newer
  • 10.1″ + screen size
  • an Intel GMA950 video adaptor (or compatible) with at least 64 MB of RAM

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 effectiveness

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How good is Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 at protecting my PC?


With Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 installed I surfed on over to where I deliberately played with some nasty files (no screenshots guys and I don’t recommend doing that yourself either unless you are sure you know what you are doing).

I tested the program against 15-20 URLs and all were successfully identified as a threat. Now that is obviously a very small sample when you consider the thousands of threats that are out in the wild but it does fill me with confidence in this program.

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+ Plus Points


What is there not to like? Not much.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is quick to install and looks great. The program offers a huge range of features and, from my limited testing, seems to do what it should, i.e. protect your system.

Bar a couple of very minor points (see below) I think the program is great!

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– Minus Points


Whilst using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 I really did struggle to find anything I don’t like about the program. If you were to twist my arm and force me to come up with one thing though then it would actually be something that could be construed as a positive point as well. By that I mean the only annoyance I came across was the first update of the database and the program – it took, like, forever!

That first update, if memory serves, was well over 100MB in size which is huge, especially when you consider I’m writing this before the product has even been officially released. Having said that, the original installation files were small which allowed me to get up and running quite quickly so I guess it is to be expected. As I said, though, having such a big update is a good thing though because you know that you will be protected from a large number of threats just as soon as you have it installed.

Another minor grumble, which is very easily and quickly fixed, can be found under the advanced settings. Whilst I think everything else is fine if left at defaults, the battery saving option is set up to disable scheduled scanning if running on battery power – this is potentially risky in my opinion – untick the box to make sure you don’t miss a scheduled scan guys.

Finally, I would suggest reading the comments below to see what other people think of the program and the problems they may have had. Do consider though that people who have good experiences tend to be far less vocal.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

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What do I think of this internet security program?


As you may have already picked up, I am duly impressed by the latest offering from Kaspersky Labs. This internet security program installs quickly and does it’s job well. The program is packed with features and will, I’m sure, serve you well for the year ahead.

The system requirements are not too high by today’s standards and the program ran happily in the background whilst I got on with other things on my now aging laptop. The interface is clear of clutter whilst making it easy to find what you need. For the most part, the default settings will serve you well and so this is a program I could definitely recommend to those looking for a robust security solution that can pretty well be set up and then left to get on with the job. Non-computer experts should have no problems getting Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 up and running on their computers and keeping it safe and secure.

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Nice clean interface and many useful features. Overall a great program but be aware that some commentators on my Kaspersky related posts have suggested that support may be an issue with this brand.
About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. I Kaspersky from November 2011. This article will be very useful for beginners. Awesome article!!

  2. Hello Lee.. so I’m having Eset smart security 5 and it’s running fine… and I can say it does not slow down my laptop… but I was reading your review about kaspersky .. and I liked it… BTW kaspersky maybe was the first security suit that I fell in love with.. that was more than 8 yrs ago.. but it kinda slowed my pc back then.. thats when I switched to eset… dunno about KIS 2012.. would you recommend it ? would it serve better than ESET do ? (protection-wise and usage-wise)

    • Hmmm.. tricky question to answer that.

      As always, choosing the right program is about how you use your computer as well as your own opinion of the program/brand you choose to go with.

      In this instance I would say that KIS 2012 is superior in terms of protection but ESET wins on usage. So based on what you mention I guess there is maybe no clear winner. Its worth noting, however, that 2013 products aren’t too far away now (and Kaspersky are often first out of the blocks) so I wouldn’t recommend switching just now. Instead check out KIS 2013 when its available in a few months time.

      • Thank you Lee .. I really appreciate your help :).. and I’ll be back to read your review on KIS 2013 when it’s out… right now I’m thinking of installing the trail version of KIS 2012 , just out of curiosity.. especially since I only have about 20 days left on my eset’s license ..However, I’ve heard that the difference in usage B/W eset and kaspersky isn’t that big..
        BTW I’ve read more than one of your reviews and I have to say they are the best.. ‘coz you always talk straight to the point, and you always discussing what really matters to the user and you’re always seems fair and never biased toward a certain brand… these things I always found lacking in other sites and it always bothered me.
        thank you.. keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Carl Smith says:

    Dear Lee,
    I noticed that my system restore stopped working as well. I thought it was something else (another program), but now realize it was KIS 2011
    talking about which… I don’t want to renew and have to install KIS, rather want to retain KIS 2011, due to loads on computer, and ideas how I can go about this? Most Kaspersky websites want me to upgrade to 2012….

  4. Lee,
    I have KIS 2011 which just expired, so I bought Kaspersky Pure 2012.
    Does it mean I have to uninstall KIS2011 before installing Pure or it works as an upgrade?
    Thank you.

  5. Using KIS 2012 after three years of 2009 suddenly stopped being updated by K. They offered a free “upgrade” to 2012. My licence still had about 8 months to go so I felt rather pressured into having to accept what I’d read was a bloated version of KIS.

    Some interesting contrasts noted from 2009. Boot is slower. WLM is unbelievably slow to start up. So slow it’s best to leave it loading and go make a sandwich. Chances are it’ll be done when I come back. (with the sandwich, not after it)

    The interface of V2009 was absolutely dreadful. Impenetrable, really. This is a big improvement. I think if I were new to PCs I could handle this okay. No way could I say that about V2009. I only kept it because it wasn’t too bad in terms of resource use on my elderly PC (WinXP Med Ed, 2mg RAM, 2.6(I think)Mhz dual core processor.. Loads of disc space.

    The thing about slowness of boot and mail loadup really gets me going, I hate it. But can’t see a way around this so will have to bite the bullet or else dump it and buy – what? There are legions of people who hate every damn security suite on the market, and I don’t have enough cash to keep buying them till I find one I like.

    I could see me going back to using the freebie version of AVG yet with the free Zonealarm firewall. If they still exist, I haven’t checked…

    I’m a dinosaur. Can remember when Windows came on a couple of floppy discs, or was it three? Win 3.1. Then 3.11 for workgroups. Installing Win95 felt like visiting a new universe. Every new version after Win95 needed extra resources over the previous version. So the racehorse grade machinery I have now is I’m sure no way effectively faster than the puny PCs I used to use, my first one was a 386sx from Elonex. running DOS and Win3.1, I don’t remember bloody awful delays while it did routine stuff, like my present MESH machine exhibits, with the above spec that’s like galaxies ahead of the old machine.

    Progress? No, not progress – only a route to sticking wads into Bill Gates’ pockets. Or whoever’s running MS these days.

    And Oh for the simplicity of older OSs. The DOS applications zipped along nicely, no waiting for things to happen, even the early versions of Word, I think the first I used was V6, anyway it came with Office 4.3, which arrived on a mountain of about 24 floppies. What an install routine that was!

    I’ve drifted way off track here. Sorry. But I do really think that “more” is frequently the exact opposite of “better” with computing, when the OS upgrades keep eating up all the extra power we’ve shelled out for. I am quite sure it’s based on lazy code writing and the marketing whip wielders demanding that things get put to market way before the developers are finished with it. Profit over quality every single time will win. And we’re the idiots who keep on accepting this!

    I’m away now to have a lie down, my head hurts. 🙁

    • the freebie version of AVG yet with the free Zonealarm firewall. If they still exist, I haven’t checked… << they do. I’m a dinosaur. Can remember when Windows came on a couple of floppy discs, or was it three? << me too!! it came with Office 4.3, which arrived on a mountain of about 24 floppies. What an install routine that was! << they were the good old days 🙂 Profit over quality every single time will win. And we’re the idiots who keep on accepting this! << I kind of think the second part leads to the first - we always want "shiny" and "new"; companies only react to that need as it drives profit. I’m away now to have a lie down, my head hurts. << I'm with you there; its man flu season 🙁

  6. I just installed Kaspersy PURE on three windows PC’s on my desktop.
    Everything went OK until I started using it.
    1. The Password Manager add-in for FF 10 is not compatible with FF 10.
    2. Ditto on the URL advisor plugin—both do work for IE 8 though….
    3. Upon finsihing scan and finding the big red X stating “Your computer is at risk!”, I click “fix it now” and it opens the general protection status page. From there I have to click “neutralize all” which does NOTHING…expect pop up a yellow box asking me again what I want to do with the offending files…I clcik the recommended fix and the check box for “do this to all files” ….and still no luck. If it’s busy doing something, at least it could pop up a progress bar or something…

    The files it is finding are just a toolbar generator I used a few years ago and it’s harmless adware. However the notice it give make me think it’s major.

    Not a bad product and I only switched becuase of thier great reputation, but it looks like they still have some work to do on PURE.

  7. Hi there Lee,

    I have been using KIS 7 all the way to KIS 2012..never faced problems until after 1-2 years usage (and monthly updates) – it just gets a damn heavy; consuming almost 60-70% of my resource. I feel its hurting my notebook bad, b’coz when I ‘End Process’ the ‘avp.exe’, my laptop b’com lightening fast. Any suggestions?

    Here are my specs:
    Win 7 Ultimate 32bit; AMD Turion x2 Dual Core 2.10 GHz; installed RAM 3GB, nVidia video card.

    • ~ b’coz of the above problem .. since the past week, I feel like downgrading to KIS 2009 or instead, switching to AVG or AVAST .. and I will surely miss Kaspersky’s security measures.. 🙁
      Any suggestions are welcome to help me save my laptop and still keep KIS; suggestion of another Internet Security program (which is not very heavy) are also appreciated. 😉

      • In terms of alternatives to KIS I would suggest F-Secure Internet Security. For effectiveness I would place it 1st-2nd out of the programs I’ve looked at over the last couple of years. The big point, and the reason why I keep it on my own main PC, is the fact that resource usage is very low indeed.

        On this machine I am using now I’ve had it installed for over 2 years and, as at the time of writing, I notice my CPU usage is in the range of 0-1%. Obviously it will go higher when scanning but even then it is so low that it has never bothered me.

    • Hi Moe,

      Thats a question that may not have a simple answer. If ending avp.exe always makes a huge difference then it may well be an issue with KIS but there is always the possibility that your netbook itself has either become bloated with software over such a long period of time or that there may be conflicting programs on there.

      I think if it was me, and I had a fresh copy of KIS to hand, then the first thing I would do would be to uninstall it and then put it back on to see if that makes a difference.

      If that improves things then great. If not, then there are other things you can look into…

  8. Ive been using KIS for about 3 years and never had any problems with it at all. Ive used 2010. 2011 and 2012 with no problems. Ive got the 3 user license as it was £10 cheaper than the 1 user version lol. My PC came with Makfee pre-installed and it was crashing my PC all the time and it didnt detect any viruses at all. When i got rid of makafee which took ages cause its very hard to un-install. (had to download 3 diff removel programs to get rid of it) KIS found over 200 viruses that makfee failed to detect. I havnt needed to do a scan with KIS as it is always scanning in the background. Once its setup u can forget its there as it doeas everything for u without u needing to do anything unless it finds a virus that needs a decision made about it. If u use mozilla thunderbird for email u wont need to use spam filters as thunderbird automaticly filters out spam junk and viruses infected email after it has learnt what u want and dont want. Unlike windows live mail that doeasnt block any email no matter whats in it. Even KIS doesnt block spam/junk on windows live mail. KIS is best used with firefox/thunderbird. Dont attempt to use google chrome with KIS as KIS will go crazy with warnings about chrome being a major security risk which is understandable as chrome has 0 security features on it in an attempt to make it faster. PC world in the UK sells KIS2012 3 user licence for £22 at time of writing this. Ur better off getting KIS than just the anti virus version as there is not much diff in price between them and KIS has a lot more features. If u have trouble with KIS there is a support funtion built into the program. It should take u to their support site so u can ask for support. Ive used it a few times to solve a problem i had. KIS2011 refused to get the latest updates so i used the built in supprt to get advice. They got back to me within a few days with a link to download KIS2012 as 2011 had a problem that was fixed with 2012. But im back to using 2011 now as my PC had a failure and i only have 2010 and 2011 on disk not 2012 and i couldnt find the link again for 2012. I lost my restore points but that was due to a power failer while windows was rebooting after an update that required a reboot. I have notice my PC is a lot faster and more stable since i put kaspersky on my PC. With norton and makafee i was getting constant crashes and failures. I believe there is a diff version OF KIS for laptops. So if u use a laptop try and get the laptop/notebook version not the PC version. The PC version should work on a laptop as well but the laptop version is more suited to laptops.

  9. So…Should I buy K-Antivirus 2012 or K-Internet Security 2012?

    I’m little confuse.

  10. KAV on OS X Lion is an unmitigated pile of shit, don’t use, had to go to recovery mode and manually delete the binaries and libraries off the machine to stop OS X 10.7.3 kernel panicking every time it’s started up.
    Pile of shit, be warned. Screw Kaspersky, they are clown shoes

  11. Hello,
    I tried to install KIS today from original CD. But after the setup wizard, the activation wizard is not showing. So i can not activate it and its not working. I have internet connection working well, but i can not open I tried to run KIS from the start > kaspersky Internet Security.. but it also not working. Please tell me where is the problem.My windows is XP. how many times i can install/unistall this software?

    • Hi Anwar,

      Just out of curiosity – can you open the web page of any other security companies? BitDefender, ESET, Panda, doesn’t matter just try one and see if you can connect…

  12. thanks, it works fine for me…till now dont face any problem as i install and uninstall it many works great and its preety fast too…..

  13. Md Afzal Hussain says:

    I have unwillingly formatted my laptop due to some problem in it. after that I am trying to reinstall the KIS2012 in my laptop, it doesn’t accept rather an error appears
    “No of activations using this activation code has been exceeded”

    kindly get back to me on my given email with an answer I will be highly grate ful to you.

  14. help me i just got my laptop, and i downloaded kaspersky 2012 anti-virus on it,it worked good,and then i got on my laptop one day,and it would not enable,and i tryed doing it clicking on that circle thing in the middle,and it still wouldnt work my internet won’t work, it just freezes up,and i tryed to unstall it,but it was so slow and then it said not responding,i couldn’t press start button or anything to get it to shut down i had to restart it by pushing the button off,and it just won’t work i have ie,and google and asol,and it won’t work!!!!!!

  15. My experience with KIS has been terrible. 3 out of 6 installations now broken with the
    “your databases are corupted”, a well known issue on KIS 2012, just search on google. Product
    is currently unusable in my view at the moment, and as a usability expert it is poor compare to say mcafee.





    • I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean but the sudden lac of internet got me thinking it was a firewall issue. Then I saw that you are running the antivirus program rather than the internet security package. Is there any more info you can give about the problem?

  17. Hi,
    I like kaspersky too, unfortunately the safe url didn’t work neither in firefox or internet
    explorer I requested a refund after 5 days of an (open/no respond) ticket
    and the guys at digitial river were kind enough to refund me without any question!
    I also tried kaspery 2012 (after I returned the pure) sitll no luck!
    I really like this program and I hat that this main feature didn’t work!

  18. Hello Lee, many thanks for your article about Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. I am pretty sure it will help many people and that they will feel more confident on using Kaspersky products. I have been a long time fan and user of Kaspersky products. On my computer, however, I use Kaspersky Pure which is even better and more powerful than Kaspersky Internet Security. Although I must reckon that setting up Pure can take a whole afternoon as you must add or give permissions for softwares to run properly on the pc (for instance authorizing iTunes ports and so on). For everyone’s convenience I am posting direct links for kaspersky downloads and I hope it will help everyone.

    Kaspersky Lab Headquarters

    10/1 1st Volokolamsky Proezd
    Moscow, 123060
    Russian Federation
    Tel: +7-495-797-8700
    Fax: +7-495-645-7939
    Or +7-495-956-7000

    Kaspersky Lab European Headquarters

    Despag-Strasse 3
    D-85055 Ingolstadt
    Tel: +49-841-981890
    Fax: +49-841-98189100,
    Kaspersky Antivirus 2012,
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2012,,
    Kaspersky Pure 2,
    (1 year licence for 3 pcs),
    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011,
    Kaspersky Virus-Fighting Utilities,
    Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

    Kaspersky U.S.A. Headquarters

    500 Unicorn Park, 3rd Floor
    Woburn, MA 01801
    Toll Free: 1 (866) 328-5700
    Tel: (781) 503-1800
    Fax: (781) 503-1818

    Kaspersky U.S.A.,
    Kaserpsky Antivirus 2012, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, Kaspersky Pure Total Security,
    (1 year licence for 3 pcs),
    Kaspersky One Universal Security,
    (1 year licence for 5 devices: Windows, Mac, Android Tablet, SmartPhone),
    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011,
    Kaspersky Virus-Fighting Utilities
    Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

  19. I am looking to purchase Kaspersky software. Do I need to purchase Kapersky Pure and Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Do the features overlap? If I only need one, which software package should I buy? Thanks, Greg

  20. URGENT – I recently installed KIS 2012, did the first update today and completely lost network access. Still haven’t gotten it back and Kaspersky support is closed on weekends – out until Monday morning. Any thoughts on why/how this happened? And, how to resolve the issue?

  21. I’m considering moving to Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from an well known vendor, My question is I live in Europe, I’m looking for a discount price for 3 computers , all the sites found discounts only one computer, please advise .
    Many thanks

    • I found a 3 licence deal for $80 (approx. 58 Euros) if thats any good to you: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 – 3 licenes (1 year) Click Here (its an affiliate link so I’ll earn a little if you buy through it)

      • Lee many thanks for your prompt response, I’ve never used Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 so I’m a little unsure do they offer a refund if I am unhappy with the product?
        Will KIS protect against the Facebook nasties ?
        The Euro price is ok though it would have been better if they could get the price down to the 50 Euro mark .

  22. Mudit Gupta says:

    Hello Lee,
    I am going through a problem of which i cant find a good and working solution,Although i have tried all possible ways to solve it anyhow i need ur help now.
    The problem is i cant connect to my internet while my kaspersky 2012 security is on.
    I m using internet via DSL modem and its a broadband connection.
    Dnt know why this is happening.Couldnt find why all this is happening plz let me know if there is any patch by which i can operate both simultaneously.
    Thanks to you Lee
    You Simply Rocks.
    Gud luck ahead.

    • Hi

      Its not easy to answer this without having your computer in front of me but I’ll try. First question: can you connect to the internet if you disable KIS 2012?

  23. Hi. Another problem…..I now find that System Restore fails to restore!! On doing a Google check it appears it is a problem with KIS2012!! There are several complaints about this on the website together with a highly complicated way to recify this. Why oh why can’t they sort such problems out before they let them loose on the public. I am not so computer savvy that I can sort these things out by myself. System Restore is very important and to find it hasn’t kept any retore points at all was pretty terrifying as I found myself in the position of needing to roll it back to an earlier date and was unable to. Hopeless.

  24. First of all thanks Lee for this article. I am currently using McAfee and i feel its making my pc damn slow. (its a 64 bit dual core pentium 6200 with 2 GB ram and i use windows 7 ultimate). Also recently it showed me 2 Trojan alert and also said it removed them. However i never visited any suspicious site to get them. I am now planing to move to KIS 2012 since i had a very good experience with KIS 2011 on my previous laptop. It worked like a charm and was never heavy on my laptop unlike other anti virus software. What do you propose? Will i get a better experience with KIS 2012 compared to McAfee or will it be the same? I am little confused over that since most comments say that KIS 2012 is slightly slower.

    • I can only speak about my own experiences of course siril but I found KIS to be one of the slowest when it is first installed but fine thereafter. A lot of performance reports that people mention about KIS, and other software, may be influenced by the specification of the machine they are running it on. I’ve not done direct comparisons on speed between security programs (on the same machine) before but you’ve certainly given me an idea for next year…

  25. Ron Sibthorpe says:

    Currently, I am only running Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper. I have had a series of problems with the mainliners – McAfee, Norton – but since I no longer use them, the issues are gone. With McAfee, like Steve Pauley, I too had an issue that McAfee failed to protect my PC by allowing the viruses to implant themselves without being inoculated, so McAfee was removed. I then tried Norton, incorporating their entire suite of security utilities and antivirus protection. Since the package was a one (1) year license, in time we were notified that our license was about to expire. We renewed for another year, but six (6) months into the renewed license agreement, we were again notified that our license was to expire. We attempted to resolve this issue with Norton, but they took a hard line approach, and refused to correct the matter, so Norton will never be on any of my PC’s ever again. As stated at the beginning, I have been using Webroot Antivirus and Spy Sweeper since March 2009, it has been doing a fairly good job, but I want to be better protected. I just got a new laptop for a family member, who is not computer literate. I want this new laptop to have a very robust internet security, virus, spyware & malware protection as possible but to be user friendly at the same time. I have been considering Kaspersky Pure or Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 – as a result of your review on the 2012 product – as well as upgrading to a Kaspersky product for my own pc’s. Question 1: How user friendly is KIS 2012? Would someone who is not computer literate/savvy be overwhelmed when being faced with a decision regarding the presence and removal of malware, spyware, and/or viruses? I noticed that some of your readers have expressed difficulty getting help or assistance from Kaspersky, so I don’t want my family to be overwhelmed when they experience problems they don’t understand or can’t effectively address. Question 2: I have been looking into Kaspersky Pure. How user friendly is Kaspersky Pure? How robust is this product? And finally, Would someone who is not computer literate/savvy be overwhelmed when being faced with a decision regarding the presence and removal of malware, spyware, and/or viruses? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am leaving my family member next week 21 October, so if you could help me with this, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank You – Ron

    • I’ve sent you an email Ron.

    • Hi Ron. Kaspersky Pure is very effective and powerful. Yet you can customize it according to your needs. It is password protected and includes a Parental Control, thus you may decide who can download files, music, photos, videos, archives and softwares on your computer. I can say it is user friendly if you are comfortable on how antiviruses work. Hope it helps.

  26. marcella mcneil says:

    cant find a web page with a simple order for a 2012 k internet security for one comp. and price for one year. also cant find a simple way to ask for help This was going to be my 3 yearbut i find to hard to work my way thru it thank you .your review was really good and makes me want the program.

    • Strangely, I get the option for one PC for one year on the UK site but the US site only gives the option to protect 3 PCs for a year. Bear with me, I’ll have a word with the guys at Kaspersky and see what they can do for you….

  27. Hi. I upgraded from KIS2010 to KIS2012 last week but found a few recurring problems incl. finding an error in my Network Adapters in Device Manager beside Kaspersky Anti-virus NDIS Miniport No. 2!! What is that and where had it come from I wondered so I contacted Kaspersky….they make it very difficulty as no email address could be found!
    In brief I was told to do a clean install by way of a very complicated series of steps…very frightening to most people I would think. Before I started I had to remove mailWaher Pro which I rate one of the best programmes in the worls + WinPatrol + another very well known rogramme whose name I’ve forgotten. The reason for removing these I was told was they conflict with KIS2012!
    Why can’t programmes find solutions for this. I really really want to use MWPro. so I have to disable a couple of parts of KIS2012.
    Can you advise me ….is it safe to do this and then reinstall MWPro again. Thanks

    • I guess the simple answer to why some programs can’t play nicely together is because they are made my different companies. I haven’t used MailWasher Pro in a long time so don’t know just how good it is but I would ask why you need it, considering KIS 2012 has an antispam component?

      • The reason I use MailWasher Pro is because it does just that…it washes the mail BEFORE it’s placed on my computer. Yes, KIS2012 has anti-spam but I have disabled it so that I can use MWPro. The advantages are way and beyond anything else. It saves so much time & effort as it learns as it works. Eventually it knows what I don’t want saving me hours. Believe me. It is brilliant so it is more than just a mere anti spam.programme.Trust me on this one. If KIS2012 included the same it would the be just about perfect.

        • Hi, I have the same situation. I love MWPro and have been using it for years in addition to KIS. I simply installed MWPro after installing KIS, however, I found that after upgrading from KIS2011 to KIS2012 I didn’t have to un-install MWPro. They work fine together so long as you turn off KIS’s email anti-spam option as well. This was mainly because Outlook wouldn’t hold the anti-spam options anyway. Each time I opened Outlook I would get the same dialogue box asking me to reconfigure KIS’s anti-spam requirements within Outlook. This, I believe is becasue of KIS’s conflict with MWPro. I’m not willing to un-install MWPro just to be able to use KIS’s anti-spam.

  28. Lee

    I had a chance to take advantage in reading a wonderful Article about – Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Lee, I hope you can help me with an Issue. I a droping an Internet Security Program , which I have been a part of for 9 years. Break – Ups are total seperation for me, so finding a replacement is A Serious matter.

    Saw Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 had a few Questions , I ended up writting
    28 e mails all to different areas at Kaspersky Lab, “One, ” reply was all I received fro the; ‘Retail Store / Customer Service WOW of all sectionsI thought, “HELP” would be recived. I got a Web Link, (Kaspersky Lab) try there . A real Hassel finding the Link and a awful dissapointment to find Nothing of Help there. I want get thoughts into a negative state, but enough is just that. the info……… e mail address is it REAL? No reply – Concern Buy straight out Cold do required License procedures – Be in Position I am now MY SUPPORT etc…. with being a Memberis Like my Present Situation. Concerns me. Though no other Program I have serched has taken such Strong Interest. I want be taken and so far – with out Spending a dime – Kaspersky Lab has taken me for a Fool you know my e mails were received / ignored. Lee if you can lend a hand thanks. A Internet Security Program (a total) must.
    Dr.Tracy Massie

    Dr.Tracy Massie Harvard;Dr/PHD; Chief Officer of Internal Medicine;
    Department Diretor – Lead Surgeon

    Dr. Child Disorders; Princeton Dr. / PhD.; Chief Medical Officer;
    Lead Councilor

    • Hi Tracy, sorry to hear you’ve had trouble getting the answers you need. If you send your question to me, either via the contact form or here then I’ll pass it onto Eugene Kaspersky himself and see if that helps!

      • Hi Lee. I wrote on October 18th re. System Restore not working. I haven’t rec’d any advice from anyone despite my concerns but I did find something on the internet saying ‘there is a known issue with KIS2010 and windows system restore and a fix is currently being tested for release via autoupdater soon’. The info was dated 30.06.2011 which is now 4 mths ago. As SR is so important, can they not rectify the problem faster? The advice given in the meantime is to ‘disconnect from the interent & disable Kaspersy self defence & then exit Kaspersky before doing a SR’.
        The writer also says ‘it is best to do this even in general as the security application does not like having its molecules strewn about suring a system restore’.
        What do you think about the above? Also, if you know the head goucho at Kaspersky could you relay my concerns and ask him when the fix will be released and SR can be used with KIS2012 as I feel very vulnerable at present as well as disappointed.
        Very many thanks in advance.

        • I have put some questions to Kaspersky myself recently and, as yet, received no replies. I’ll let you know when/if that changes….

          • Thanks for your reply.
            I hope you get some answers soon as the solution I found and referred to doesn’t work!! So…..I still have no System Restore. I have another 265 days before my KIS2012 subscription runs out. I will not be purchasing it again unless my problem is resolved. It’s a great shame as KIS2010 was great…which is what I had before.

          • I too have this problem re SR in KIS2012 not working, but have since found out, by way of a post on the Norton IS forum website that they too have the same issue. The reason Norton give is exactly the same as KIS. NIS’s reply was “The situation with System Restore is not specific to KIS — it is endemic for security programs that keep track of system files and their own files to stop tampering by malware. They keep a database of the critical file characteristics and the problem after a Windows System Restore is that the Windows System becomes a mix of recent and older files while the security application database is unchanged and the alarms go off. The quickest solution is the reinstall NIS. Norton now have a very neat Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool (NRnR) that removes the Norton security application, cleans up more than the normal uninstall, downloads the current version of your product including updates and it’s already activated with your KEY …….”.
            So at the end of the day you need to uninstal KIS, do the sys restore and then re-instal KIS. Seems to be a fact of life now. I guess the packages are just doing there job too well 🙂

          • Thanks for the information Peter, its very much appreciated, though not the answer I believe Elizabeth was looking for. I’m going to see if I can learn any more from Kaspersky about this as an official response would appeal to my sense of curiosity on this issue.

          • Hi Peter and Lee. Thank you both for your replies. No…I am far from happy at the moment with KIS2012. Are you saying I would have to remove the programme each and every time I want to do a System Restore……. and then re-install it after every SR!!!!! SR is more important to me than KIS2012 so any day now I will remove it and never reinstall it which would be a shame as I previously had KIS2010 and it posed no problems that I can recall. I am grateful for this Forum as when I’ve tried to contact Kaspersky I found there to be a highly complicated system to follow before getting anywhere! That’s another bone of contention for another day…their help is not user friendly. Hope to get a solution via you Lee very soon.

          • One “possible” solution I have come across is to restart your PC in Safe Mode (keep tapping the F8 key during start-up and select the “Safe Mode” only option when prompted). I tried this on my PC but couldn’t get Safe Mode to work for some reason. If your PC does start in Safe Mode then hopefully you will be able to do a System Restore.

          • Thank you Peter for your suggestion but after paying for a 3 year subscription to KIS2012 I do not expect to have to go through all this in order to use System Restore. I consider it disgraceful that a large company such as Kaspersky should not have sorted this out before marketing it and certainly not keep its customers waiting so long before rectifying it in an update.There must be 1000’s in the same position and they depend 100% on customer satisfaction. They are certainly not impressing me. As you can see from my other messages, System Retore has not been my only problem. I’m hoping Lee will get some action for us very soon. If not…..what does he consider the very best reliable all round Security programme available.Maybe I’ll just get a free one next time. I’m told even the professionals just use the free ones…AVG or the Windows one. All advice will be appreciated.

          • I’m still trying to get answers!!

            As for “the best” that is very subjective and, of course, I haven’t checked out all the options yet. I would say, thus far, that my personal favourite is BitDefender but with the caveat that you need a decent system to run it on (the minimum specs they quote really are that; an absolute minimum).

            Is a free program sufficient? For some people it is but not everyone. If you are a very casual surfer then AVG/MSE may do for you but if you use your computer for any critical tasks then I would suggest better protection is essential.

          • Hi again Lee.
            I am just about to bin KIS1012 but before I do, have you heard back re. my System Restore problem?
            Also ,,,,I have IE7 and have heard nothing good about IE8 as it is so slow etc so could consider Google Chrome or Firefox. Having just today tried Google Chrome I find it has none of the very useful services….eg SEND to and Save as or Page set-up which Firefox does have.
            What do you use? Do you know which Browser is considered is the very best & fastest?

          • Hi Elisabeth,

            Unfortunately, no, I never did hear back from them 🙁

            As for browsers, I use them all due to what I do here. I’d say each have their merits as well – IE9 is a big improvement over IE8, Chrome is fast and Firefox is great because of the ability to add in all manner of plugins. Having said that, Chrome is the one I use most for general surfing and Firefox is first choice when I’m on the web and in “work mode”.


          • Just wondering, why is system restore so important to you. I have never heard anybody place so much importance on it. Do you use SR alot. If so why are you using it so much. You shouldn’t have to use it unless something has really gone wrong.

          • Hi Bruce. Only occasionaly have I needed to use System Restore but …in the past, I have found it to be brilliant. Also it is reassuring….. safe in the knowledge that there is something in place which can be called on to help! NOT having it there I find to be concerning. I might one day need it again….and it is no longer available.
            Anyway….that is only one of several problems & inconveniences I have found with KIS2012 since installing it. Paying for something which results in it not performing as per it’s promises & in turn resulting in hours of work and time to try to sort it it is not my idea of honest marketing. Apart from this, I am just a housewife who finds it very complicated having to deal with such difficulties.Then I find contact with Kaspersky is a complete nightmare!!
            I am beginning to be tempted to go back to KIS2010 actually. I didn’t seem to have any problems with it. I haven’t been too impressed with what I read about KIS2011.
            Is it possible to still use 2010?

  29. Giz of Oz says:

    Informative and very useful article as I was a little confused as to whether I should upgrade my KIS 2011 to 2012. There have been some really negative comments written about this version, especially in relation to boot-up times and shut-down times. Having read your article made my choice that much easier. Thanks… Had no problems with the installation or the running of the program. To this point of time all is running smoothly, with very little impact on my laptop. I’ve found Kaspersky to be very good at what it promises to do, which is to keep one’s computer running without the cyber nasties that invariably have a way of getting onto your system. Keep up the good work…Looking forward to more of your articles.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it.

      I too have read some of the negative comments about KIS 2012 but, having actually used it myself, I found I didn’t experience any of those issues at all. The only speed-related concern I had was about the very first update that the program runs but I can live with that as it is obviously a one-off. Other programs I’ve looked at this year have been slow in operation and that is far less forgivable.

      I’m still waiting for many vendors to release their 2012 products (they seem a little slow off the mark this year) and I’ll review them as they come out. Based on what I’ve seen so far though I reckon KIS 2012 will definitely be somewhere close to the top of the pile this year.

  30. marshall39 says:

    Hi , and thanks for your nice reviews!
    KIS 2012 is a nice software , but I found it slowed down my computer a bit.
    So I got back to ESET with Outpost firewall , and it works pretty well!

    • A few people have made that comment about KIS but I actually found the opposite to be true. I’ve had that issue with other products this year though.

      • marshall39 says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        Also , after a couple of weeks with Nod32+Outpost firewall , I can confirm that my pc runs faster than with KIS alone.
        Maybe it’s my computer (and it’s not a small one , core i7 870 overclocked) , but it starts and shut down twice faster than it used to with KIS.
        KIS is not a bad product , of course , and I respect your opinion for sure but that was just my two cents.


        • “Maybe it’s my computer ”

          There could be something in that as I have had different results to other people with some of the other products I’ve looked at in the past. I remember one particular cloud based program that people said was lightening fast and yet I could barely run it on my own machine. Computers are strange machines at times!

  31. web designing chennai says:

    I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and thanks for the review for 2012.

  32. Michael Horton says:

    HI Lee,
    Great review of the 2012 edition of Kaspersky. I have been using their products for years but found the 2011 version slowed down some of the computers I installed it on. It was this same slow down that was one of the reasons I avoided the big guys ( Mcafee and Norton ). Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the good work. Also, in reply to Steve Pauley, ” Internet Security 2012 ” is rogue spyware. Most AV programs will not likely pick up on it. It is essentially from companies/individuals that I refer to as snake oil salesmen. Your computer is most likely not infected but that bogus program tells you it is so you will pay your hard earned money to make the ” viruses ” go away. Try downloading and running something like Malwarebytes to get rid of the program and, if you paid any money to it’s makers, put a stop payment on the cheque or notify your credit card company not to pay them.

    • Thanks for the appreciation Michael.

      With regard to your last point I would also say that, if someone has paid for fake antivirus, then they may want to CANCEL their credit card and put a fraud alert on their credit report too as their is a risk of id theft as well.

  33. @ Tushar

    I have the same thing, scans to 98% in no time at all then takes forever and I mean forever to finish the rest.
    My PC is a HP a6544 with Triple core Phenom 2.10 GHZ with 4GB of ram, newly formatted, so not exactly slow…
    Am I doing something wrong?

  34. Thanks for the reply Lee.

    And as you might also have noticed, ESET has come up with the new ESET Smart Security version 5 – RC. It seems to be pretty nice, and with few more added features. I lately tried the new Panda, though it is rich in features, it did kind of slowed down my PC while it was scanning, anyway, Thanks for the reviews. 🙂

    • Hi Din

      I spotted ESET 5 but I think I may wait for the final version as I don’t want all my reviews to be of betas. Either way, I’m going to be busy this month as all the security vendors should be releasing new products about now.

      With retail versions of Panda I found them to be slightly slow but not to the point I thought it was a deal breaker. Their free cloud antivirus solution was an entirely different story though…

  35. Hi Lee,

    Thank you for doing such a great job of reviewing one of the most essential components of this modern age computing, the security suites and antivirus soft-wares. You are really doing a very good job, and keep up the good work. Thanks a lot.

    I was wondering if you have tested the Kapersky Pure, and also the new Panda Global security suite. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your kind words Din.

      I should be finishing and publishing a review of BitDefender Total Security 2012 this week and then Kaspersky Pure will probably follow the week after. I’ll then take a look see what other 2012 AV and IS products are out before deciding whats next – Panda may well feature at some point in the future.


  36. steve pauley says:

    Hello —-

    I’m worried. Internet Security 2012 popped up on my computer this morning telling me that I had 25 or so viruses. So I signed on to the security program even though I’d never heard of Internet Security 2012, and they immediately got rid of the viruses.
    It seems strange to me that my first message from the service was when it told me I already had viruses. How did it know about the viruses if I wasn’t already signed up? It seemed bogus to me (and still does).
    Also, I’m signed up with McAffee. Wouldn’t McAffee have informed me about the viruses? Is it smart to have BOTH SERVICES?
    I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you.
    Steve Pauley

    • Hi Steve

      Are you aware of ever installing Internet Security 2012? Do you know who makes it?

      I do have some doubts about the program because McAfee certainly should have spotted a problem if you genuinely had that many viruses. It definitely isn’t smart to have two antivirus programs running at the same time – stick with McAfee.

  37. I am presently using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and I am having one problem with it. Whilst Scanning it scans 98% in no time but it takes a lot of time to scan the remaining 2%. Even for scanning of usb connected drives.


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