Don’t Waste Your Time On BitDefender Total Security 2012 Beta – It Isn’t A Patch On The Final Retail Version

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On July 17, 2011
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I see here the makings of a great security program. Unfortunately, however, it all gets bogged down by some crazily excessive CPU usage which makes it a definite no-no in my mind.

My Review Of BitDefender Total Security 2012 (beta)

In my continuing series of reviews of 2012 internet security software I have already looked at the latest products from Kaspersky Labs and F-Secure. Today I will be looking at a new product from BitDefender: BitDefender Total Security 2012.
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Key Benefits:
  • AutoPilot feature – requires less input from the user
  • Great malware detection – performs very well in blocking viruses, worms, trojans, etc
  • Excellent malware removal – get rid of viruses and other threats easily

Like my last review, of F-Secure Internet Security 2012, this too is a beta version of the software I am looking at so the final product may have some minor changes/improvements upon it’s release.

BitDefender Total Security 2012 installation

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Is BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta easy to use and install?


Being the epic reader of all things security that I am I have seen some commentary across the web which suggests that BitDefender Total Security 2012 is slow to install. Now I don’t know why others have found that as I had no such issues (other than the limiting factor of my internet connection which was downloading Fallout: New Vegas at the same time {from a legitimate source}). The program does scan for viruses on your system as part of the installation process though so maybe that is what some people perceive as a problem?

Once installed, you are presented with the interface for the first time. My first impression was painful – white text on a black background doesn’t track well with my eyes – but you may like it.

BitDefender Total Security 2012 interface

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What features can I expect to see in this program?


The program, as you should expect, has the tradition core components of any good internet security program:

  • antivirus – protects you against the latest threats
  • firewall – keeps hackers at bay
  • antispam – protects your inbox from unwanted email

Other features found directly from the dashboard include:

  • parental control – keeps your kids safe and secure
  • privacy feature – keep your personal data to yourself
  • safebox
  • tune-up
  • network map
  • SafeGo – protection for those who use Twitter and Facebook

Its just a small point but of the features listed above, 4 can be onscreen at a time (as seen in the picture above) and you can drag and drop these so that your most-used functions are on the ‘home screen’. Nice touch.

From each of those main heading areas I mentioned above you can delve deeper. For example, the antivirus heading expands into further areas as shown below –

expanding options

Some new features worth mentioning are Auto-pilot which, when switched on, prevents any alerts from being generated whilst the program goes about fixing any issues in the background. Also noteworthy is the Scan Dispatcher which aims to run scans in slices of time when your computer is not otherwise engaged with other tasks.

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Will BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta run on my computer?


The minimum system requirements for BitDefender Total Security 2012 are as follows –

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
  • 1 GB RAM < seems as absolute minimum as I got a low warning message on my 1 GB laptop
  • 800 Mhz processor
  • 1.8 GB of hard drive space

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How good is the program at protecting me from the latest security threats?


A quick test of the program against a collection of dodgy links I have came back with 20 out of 20 being detected as a threat so that would seem to indicate a good detection rate at this early stage.

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+ Plus Points


Here is what I perceived to be the good points of BitDefender Total Security 2012 at this time –

  • quick installation
  • auto-pilot essentially removes the user from the decision making process (but maybe thats a bad point too?)
  • good detection rate
  • large range of features

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– Minus Points


With the negative points it should be remembered that the program is still in beta so many, or all, of these may be ironed out before the retail version appears –

  • some features weren’t available at the time of testing
  • the interface looks garish (my opinion)
  • resource usage was high and made multitasking impossible whilst a scan was running, in spite of the way Scan Dispatcher should work

resource usage

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What is my overall impression of BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta?


At this point in time the negative points I noted above outweigh the positives for me and so this beta version of BitDefender Internet Security didn’t get to stay on my laptop for very long at all.

Having said that, it does show potential and previous BitDefender products I’ve looked at have been excellent. The version I looked at today is only a beta and I believe the company will get this right with the retail release and I’m looking forward to taking a look at that when it is available.

[box type=”important”]Read my review of the final retail version of BitDefender Total Security 2012 – its a great improvement![/box]

I see here the makings of a great security program. Unfortunately, however, it all gets bogged down by some crazily excessive CPU usage which makes it a definite no-no in my mind.
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  1. babak sroosh says:

    hi sir
    i download and install total seq 2013 .have some windows is 7 64.when try to config my modem in internet explo 32 bit and any explorer other than 64 bit base can not connect net. 2- my internet download maneger that earlier can connect to download page and download cann t connect and may be blocked. 3- updating is several time intrrupted during instalation.
    tanks for your answer.

    • Lee Munson says:

      I don’t have an obvious answer as I have the same setup but no problems. Have you tried contacting their customer services?


    • What do you mean exactly? That BitDefender could corrupt software already on your computer or that the program itself could become corrupt?

  3. the signatures are the same as by the latest final and earlier versions so the detection rate will be.
    F-Secure, G-Date etc.. use as well Bitdefender’s signature updates plus an additional signature database which mostly only increase the false positive detection rate but not the real threads detection.
    Bullguard AV is under the hat Bitdefender with an easier to operate gui.
    As for an all in one security suite I will not suggest any AV suite but recommend just Antivirus + Outpost firewall which have a great real time log viewer where u can see not only the IP’s connected but also the full url paths.

    Bitdefender have one of the highest detection with the lowest FP ’cause it’s engine is capable to unpack most exe packer and scan within the packed/protected files, other AV’s can’t and show it wrongly as False Positives.

    • I totally agree that BitDefender products are quality. Sure, I had severe issues with this particular program, but I know it is only a beta. I have no doubt that the finished article will be one of, if not the best of the year, just like the 2011 release was. Your comment about False Positives is a good one and is something I’ll have to make mention of in future reviews.


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