Mountain Lion To Offer Auto Security Updates

Good news for Mac users as Apple’s latest OS X Mountain Lion will include a new automatic security check feature.

For many years now Mac users have felt immune to viruses and other e-threats and rightly so as Windows tended to garner all the bad guy’s attention. Things change though and, with the rise in popularity of the Apple brand, the fruit just became even tastier for those who would wish to attack the platform.


Apple, however, have responded by introducing a new automated system which will ensure that OS X 10.8 users have the latest patches installed to protect them from the growing threat of viruses and other types of malware, such as Flashback.

As a side note, it is interesting to see that Apple have changed a statement on their website which used to say, “It doesn’t get viruses” to “It’s built to be safe” –


This new feature – called “OS X Security Update Test 1.0” – is automated in such a way that it will either run once per day or when you restart you Mac. Any required downloads will be run in the background. The new security update is a 1.15 GB download available through the Mac App Store.

Personally I think this is a great idea and it is especially good to see that Apple are leading the way in dispelling the myth that Macs simply cannot be infected – that isn’t true – and their inherent security by obscurity advantage is being diminished at a great rate too. The biggest obstacle to Mac security now may be the users who have become accustomed to thinking they are immune to malware. Lets hope they see the light before its too late.

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