Mossad Website Breached, Agent Details Allegedly Leaked

Hacktivist group Anonymous have continued the #OpIsrael campaign by attacking the official website of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service Mossad. They have also allegedly released data about some 30,000 personnel including Israeli politicians, IDF officers and even Mossad agents.


At the time of writing the Mossad website is back to normal (see image above) but the damage, if the leak is true, has already been done. The allegedly leaked data, which I’ve seen but won’t publish here (HackRead currently has links), contains personal details such as –

  • full names
  • IDs
  • email addresses
  • postal codes
  • cities
  • phone numbers
  • the areas where agents either live or work

The attack against the Mossad site was, according to Anonymous, a ‘sophisticated DDoS’ offensive and is just the latest move in their continuing cyberwar against the Israeli state.


Interestingly, this attack has seen a few different groups come together with Anonymous with it appearing as if a group calling themselves ‘Sektor 404’ were responsible for the distributed denial of service attack and a Turkish group known as ‘The Red Hack’ were the ones to leak the data which spread quickly via social media sites.

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  1. Anon-E-Mouse says:

    So… hacked in March 2013 but the EXACT list of emails was already pasted on pastebin on Nov. 22 2012? Thats awfully peculiar.

    • Lee Munson says:

      Well that is interesting isn’t it! Sounds like the hack may not have happened as described at all.


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